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Vision Therapy

Well, I have finished my Vision Therapy at Mr Shayler, in Wareham, and I have to say, I now have a much bigger range of Vision.

Very second, and every penny has been worth it. I now find that it's worth me wearing my distance glasses, as I can see a much bigger area.

My Double Vision has improved a lot. Before, if I wanted to look at something slightly to one side, I had to turn my head to do so. Now, I can see left, right, and below if I look up I get DV, but that's not often anyway.

Next week I am collecting my new glasses, which take care of any double vision, as they are having a small prism in!

It's so great!


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That is fantastic Debs :) :)

Things certainly are getting brighter for you :) :) and goodness - we all know how much you deserve it.

You truly are an amazingly strong lady xx:) :)

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Thanks so much! Xx


Speaking of vision... a short few months after quitting smoking : the ocular pressure in my injured eye in which I have glaucoma, has lessened!! That is a very positive benefit from quitting!

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Awesome. I wish I could quit 'eating'. This weight really bugs me! πŸ˜‰

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Good news Debs, things are getting better and I'm delighted for yaπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜Šx


Thanks so much xx


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