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I am having a really tough time of it at the moment - for some reason, I'm finding this more difficult than I did before my holiday. I'm still using the vape stick but the cravings are NASTY. Thank god for this site - it's sooooooo nice to be able to have a rant with other like minded people! If I can get myself through a gathering of family & friends tomorrow night, I know I'll have nailed it! It's going to be a rather boozy affair!!! I think that part of the problem is a touch of depression/grief - it's 18 years today that my 32 year old cousin died from a massive brain haemorrhage so the week leading up to this is always a bit traumatic. I need to learn how to deal with these feelings without reaching for a cigarette. I'll get there in the end - especially with all the support from you guys & gals. Sorry for the moan & thanks for listening x

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Hiya jaxter

Quitting smoking is one of the toughest things you will do, but also the absolute best thing you can do for your health 😀

Have you tried writing a list of why you want to quit and carry it with you.. When you get the urge to smoke, remind yourself why you want to quit 😀😀

drinking is certainly a tough time, try having a water between drinks so you can stay more in control 🍷🍸☕️☕️🍷🍻🍺☕️☕️

To be honest, your desire to quit has to be strong to fight off the cravings. It's not easy but very doable 👍😀

Maybe some NRT to help through the early stages might help you😀😀

Keep us posted on hour your doing....we all got faith in you 👍👍👍👍🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭



Hi Jaxter - I've found you NEVER have to apologize for ranting on this site. We all know the struggle. You are doing good. Keep thinking of yourself as a nonsmoker and remember to lean on the folks here. We are all pulling for you.

Sorry to hear about your cousin, sounds like you were close. So that is hard to have to visit each year. Losing loved ones is the hardest. xoxo

Have a great successful weekend as a nonsmoker. :)



Hi Jaxter, I'm sorry to hear you are finding it tough at the moment. Quitting smoking really is hard (harder than lots of people think) and shouldn't be underestimated. It's great that you are still coming on here and keeping strong.

Like Glolin says it can be handy to keep a list at hand to remind yourself why you are doing this. I did just that and it helped keep me strong. My list included not smelling any more, not wasting time rolling fags, not missing out when my hubby was in a pub/restaurant and I was outside and not wanting to get COPD like my mum. It really did keep me focussed when I wanted to cave in. If you compare a list of why you want to stop with why you want to smoke I can guarantee the stop list will be bigger and make more sense! Keep strong 😁 xx


Hi jaxter... Beautiful picture........... My girlfriend is having a hard time with the recent passing of a family member as well. It's so hard when the darkness sets in... Cigarettes come to mind..... Your cousin would probably want you to be good to yourself..... Let all of us be good to ourselves👫👬👫👬👫👬👫👬👫👬👫👬👫👬👫


Hiya Jaxter, sorry to hear it's a bit of a struggle at the moment for you😥

Unfortunately we have to learn how to get through these situations, which isn't easy but we are all here for you. You can always let off steam here and we fully understand. Lighting up won't make you feel any better I promise you. Use your ecig to get you through instead. You can do it, stay strong and I'm sending helping hugs your way😊x

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Thank you all for the positive vibes! Feeling lots of love across the airways! All very good advice from everyone - I just need to find a different crutch when things get too gloomy. I shall certainly be making a list to remind myself of why I started this journey. It'll be helpful to remember the benefits of a smoke free existence. Have a great weekend everyone, whatever you may be doing xxx


Hi jaxter. Loving the pic😃

This quitting malarkey ain't easy but it does get easier I promise (although it does test you from time to time)

You do need to keep your wits about you especially when alcohol (or even your most enjoyable cuppa of the day) is around. Stick to your ecig like glue and make sure you bring additional liquid with you so you don't run out.

Maybe think about what your first treat is going to be when you reach your week milestone....it's certainly what got me through.😊

Also hangovers are worse when you smoke as it dehydrates you..... Hence the reason why smokers have a 'look' about them with regards to skin and teeth....and none of us want that 😊😊😊

The lovely quitters on here have already given you some sound advice......😊 why don't you also right down how you felt when you succumbed on your hols....

Enjoy your Halloween night and remember NOPE ......

Not One (S)Pook Ever😊😊😊

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