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Poole Hospital

Today, I went for a one on one Interview at Poole Hospital for my Volunteers Job.

It went very well! They're just checking that they will want me in Portland Ward, as they haven't got Volunteers there at the moment! (They have Volunteers in the Stroke Ward)

Now I have to wait for the DBS, and the Occupational Health. Then I will go for my Induction Day, which won't be before the beginning of December.

I am hoping to get through the 8.30 - 3.00 Induction on one day, but I may have to do it over 2 days, which then would mean I do the January one as well!

Then, I can start!!!

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Brilliant news, delighted to hear all is going well for your volunteering😊

I think they will be very lucky to have you on board, well done😊x

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Thank you!


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Hi ya Debs :) thats just flippin great news gal :) :) am sooooo glad your one on one interview went very well :) cos I know how much you want this :) :)

Debs, am keeping everything crossed for you on your induction day :) but i know you will sail through it gal :) :)

Hey, it will be a lovely Christmas present for you :) :)

Take care and please keep us up to date :)

Pete :)

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