Chest pain get relief after taking medicine. But again it come

Hi all, I hope u remember In My first post I have mentioned that I had a right side chest pain so I quit from smoke. But still that pain exists. I went to pulmonologiest last week and he said my xray is normal and he suggest some medicine

I took that for two days then I stopped. Now I feel the same pain. I 😓 worried about my chest pain. Does anyone feel the same.?

Its nearly one month I quit from the devil...


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  • Hi smokefree person,

    With your X-rays clear, it may be part of your body adjusting to not smoking. Keep in touch with your dr as they are the experts 😷😷

    I had horrid chest pain that when I sneezed I honestly felt like my entire rib cage was going to split in half😫😫

    Maybe take the tablets for a bit longer 😀😀 I sure hope it sorts itself out for you

  • Yes glolin...

  • It sure does get scary when you have chest pain, more often that not we tend to over think it and worry unnecessarily :) :)

  • I'd head back to the doctor to let them know that the medicine only relieved the pain temporarily. Did you take the full course prescribed? Two days seems a short time.

  • Hiya smokefree 😊

    I think the medicine maybe needs to be taken for longer as 2 days seems very short to me. You really are doing very well and try not to worry as your X-ray was clear and that's a good sign. Just to be on the safe side check back with your Doctor and it will put your mind at rest. Probably your body adjusting and it takes a while, so be patient and hope you feel better soon😊x

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