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1 month winner!

Wow, what a journey... I cant believe the difference in the first 2 weeks of quitting until now! I feel so much better and crave less and less.

The first 2 weeks were horrible and i never want to go through that again

Now some days i don't even think about smoking!

this site has been a part of my journey and helped a lot!

thank you so much !


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Woohoo!! Well done on your first month 😁 that's a massive leap forward and I bet you're dead chuffed with yourself, as you should be!!


FANTASTIC!!!!!!!.....Congratulations 1T1D,

You make sure you go out and treat yourself. this quitting can be a very rough road and now that you are through the first month you can look forward to many more as a not smoker :) :)



Massive Congratulations on your first month quit🎈🎉🎊 great achievement so well done to you😊

Thanks for sharing your good news👍🏼 you really have done very well👏🏼👏🏼😊x


Great!!! Thanks form sharing!

Sometimes I think that the main benefit of a really miserable first week or two -- or thereabouts -- is that you NEVER want to go through THAT again!

Keep up the good quit!

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Congratulations! This is the greatest accomplishment! you will keep succeeding and overcoming the addiction. Whenever you have a minute of weakness just remember NOPE NOT ONE PUFF! #Veryproud

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Wayyyy Hayyyyyy 1T1D, massive congratulations to you for reaching a 1 whole month quit :) :) :)

You hold your head up HIGH and be proud of yourself and your achievement :) :) cos like you said, them first few weeks can be hell :o But you flippin made it :) :)

Now go treat yourself to something really nice with alllllllllll that dosh you have saved up through not smoking :) :)

See's ya soon :)


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