Sometimes We Just Need a Little TLC

Sometimes We Just Need a Little TLC

Good evening and good morning to all my friends in other countries❤️

My body is in the height of healing itself.......Going into day 20 in two hours....

All those poisons .....all the damage is being looked after by Mother Nature ..... I have to endure the process and wait it out until I feel healthy and normal again...... They say Patience is a Virtue........ Well, I better listen because everyone of us has a different experience with withdrawal. Some people feel great right away .... And some people start feeling physically sick or mentally unstable...... Whatever our withdrawal may be like........PATIENCE AND NOPE. NOT ONE PUFF. EVER


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  • Good morning Arizona, your patience and persistence will pay off and I'm loving your pic. Thought I'd have the coffee ready for you when you wake up☕️☕️☕️😉

    Have a good day and NOPE🚭😊x

  • Good morning Briarwood☕️☕️

    And thanks for putting the coffee on for me🌹

  • MMM .,,. coffee smells good; got an extra cup? I was just thinking about one of your earlier posts encouraging "patience" .. just before reading this! No coincidence, I'm sure.

    Thanks Briarwood


    Better late than never Will😉x

  • 'Guess "Patience" is the word for the day!

  • You can be so proud of yourself! 20 days is a big achievement, and you just keep on adding another day at a time. Well done. I know you're having some difficult withdrawal symptoms but they do get easier. Keep going👍

  • Thanks Quitterpaul☕️ And I will keep going and saying NOPE NOT ONE PUFF. EVER🍀

  • And I will too 👍

  • Aup Arizona :) I'm just flippin looooooooving your pic and post :) :) :)

    ACE gal, just flippin ACE :) :) and dont you forget, WE, OURSELVES need that TLC sometimes eh :) :)

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