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Sickening smell

Walking around today and all I can smell is tobacco and it makes me feel sick I've quit a lot of times and never had this reaction too. But happy about it to be honest it looks like my brain is saying its a bad thing that's fantastic as I know this should help me not to go back at all. But so that smell doesn't keep making me feel sick I've now started carrying around nasal spray I know it weird but would rather smell menthol than tobacco lol

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Sorry Andy just lost my post to ya so I'll try again and keep it short. I buy Kleenex menthol tissues and they are brilliant, do the same job but very discreet. This will keep us quit as we know how sickening the smell is, so it's good news for us both👍🏼😊x


I never thought of those tissues lol will have to get some. This definitely will keep us quit I'm loving my no smoking life and my kids are enjoying it too


Hear hear!!!! Just remember that's how you smelt to other people....feels great?


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