day 3

still going strong no ciggies, its hard as hell to fight the cravings but they are getting better each day.and i have notice little things like the nicotine from my fingers has disappeared totally and im not out of breath now walking up and down stairs or to the shop its fantastic i havent felt this healthy in 26 yrs :) so good luck to everyone quitting the road is long but its worth it in the end :)

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  • Thanks for sharing your "healthy" report... that's what it's all about!

  • Hiya Sammy, it's great you're already feeling some of the benefits and yes it's really worth it, so keep going👍🏼 well done on day 3😊x

  • I've noticed that too - had a walk into town yesterday - no gasping and wheezing at the top of the hill! Managed to get a good stomp going :)

  • Good going..... You're feeling better already! And those evil cigarettes are haunting......we always are fighting the cravings🌺

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