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Tuesday? then Welcome!!!

Hi everybody! It's early morning where I live and I just logged-on and see, a number of new posts -- a hearty WELCOME to all the newly quit members --there are a lot of good pinned posts to read and a lot of shared experiences to relate to. Early recovery can be a bit rocky -- but the effort is well worth it! Hang in there one day at a time and keep coming back!!!

I don't have time to respond to posts individually today -- as the inconvenience of having to go to work is interfering with my on-line time! It's encouraging to see new members - and to read posts from everyone!

All the Best! -WILL

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Hi Will, Like you say its lovely to see so many new members . It wont be long before we will have reached 3000. It doesn't seem 2 minutes ago I was saying we have nearly reached 2000 members. Emjay and team must be so proud that they started this site and how quickly it has grown. So well done to each and everyone of you for supporting and helping each other. :) xx

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