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Day 3 no smoking and horrible taste in mouth,food ,drink well everything

I quit smoking 3 days ago and have not really craved a cigarette at all,iwas using a socialites vape ecig (until it tasted horrible)and now there is no taste in that or anything I eat or drink everything tastes vile and have a horrible taste in my mouth all the time,will this get better or is this what is gonna be like all the time,I really don't want to start smoking again but this taste is not helping at all 😟

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Hiya Jodie and welcome to quit support 😊

Well done on your quit, this horrible taste most definitely will pass as your taste buds have been bombarded with 4000 plus chemicals when you were smoking and now your taste is starting to return. Initially it takes a while to settle down but it will. In the meantime mouthwash will help freshen your mouth. Maybe change to a different flavour ejuice as well perhaps mint or menthol. Also worth a visit to your dentist just to get a check up. Side effects like this will pass so please hang in there😊x


Thanks briarwood for the reply,I'm using cherry but have a red bull type one to might try that and see if any different,Deffo gonna hang in there I've had enough of smoking now lol 😀X

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Good for you, it's not easy but it will be worth it. Have a good look around the site as lots of information about sore mouths, smoking really causes a lot of damage to our gums so it takes a while for them to heal😩 good luck😊x

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