How do you type in those lovely little symbols

Monkey told me how to do the smiling faces but no idea how to do the other lovely symbols that other folk have added it to replies/posts - can anyone enlighten me? and yep I do have a bit of a phobia with technology, only use it when I have to and took my kids a while to get me to upgrade to what I call a swipey phone! and even longer to get use to it which I still haven't! :) So any help would be appreciated so I can try and post some more visually appealing posts! :) :)

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  • Hi mazzie,

    the other symbols are done with ipad/tablet or mobile phones..Mac books have them but windows operating system doesnt 😂😂💜

  • Hi Mazzie I think you need a smartphone or tablet to do it. On iPhone / iPad there is a button with a smiley face in bottom left corner next to (123) if you click on this it changes the keyboard to all the symbols then press (ABC) in bottom corner to go back to normal letters. 

    Never used them on a pc or android phone. Depends what phone you got? 😀

  • Thanks Glolin and Andrew, just went to my bag to get my swipey/smart phone out to give it a go and left the bloody thing at home! lol

    Will give it a go this evening or maybe tomorrow as late night in office today, and not sure if android or smart phone (as I say not really that good with techno stuff) and can't remember what it is! no wonder my kids despair of me :) :) :)  

  • Mazzie your not on your own.  I feel ancient when grandchildren  have their I pads etc.

    Mind you I  tried to teach hubby how to text .  After 1 hour he managed to text me  with a message   which was  "ok."  

    So theres  hope for us.  :D xx

  • Love it...Am happy to say i have kept up with technology rather well..Although in saying that, Buying a Macbook has been my biggest challenge yet..I worked out that i can do the same things on Macbook as I could on my old laptop, I just have to work out how...SO far so good..but sure is a challenge..Iphone and Ipad I am fine with

  • Hi Mazzie,  

    I just love my gadgets 😂😂😂, going on 52 love all the techi stuff, I felt really old few weeks back though as I was speaking to a young lad in office and made a faux pas by saying it was a manual typewriter I used at school no computers !! 😮😮😮😳😳😂😂😂😂😂 x

  • Well home now n about to collapse in small heap but before I do I'm going to see if this phone will let me post interesting symbols 🔣 although I just found that last one in spell check line! :-o *-:-) @):- ~o) (*) (um) <3 :-h 

  • Ah not quite what I'd plan lol :-? 

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