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18 days...Nic tricks

Mr Nic is tricky. I feel strong and will continue being a NON SMOKER however the depression and mood changes hit me week 3. I have tried to quit before and these symtoms usually came in the beginning.....I am considering this a sign.....i have gone through the physical withdrawal and now will conquer the mental.....the addiction makes you think you are missing out on so much but I am gaining everything!!!!

I found this article very helpful and wanted to share :)



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Hiya Geo, Mr nic is so very good at playing tricks that I'm glad you're feeling strong as he tests us time and time again😩 thanks for sharing and keep being a non smoker. Just loving your positivity, well done😊x

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'Liked the article you linked to -- I imagine Mr Nic calling: "Don't you miss me?" from time to time. No way.

I experienced the depression & mood swings fairly early-on .. but from what I read and hear, week 3 is not unusual. Takes the brain a while to "adjust".

Sounds like you have a great attitude -- thanks for sharing!


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