Waving goodbye to Mr Nic

Hello all in quit group - glad to see that all are doing well even if some are taking a bit of a battering along the way. I have taken a bit of a bashing myself. Weeks 1 & 2 went really well but last 2 weeks been a bit problematic. And there you have it but problems normally just need solutions and we all seem to be pretty good at it :). My 21mg nic patches started to burn my skin so I dropped to 14mg and this transition has been fine - very good in fact.  When I started patches I had to keep them on for 24 hours as my problem was my morning routine - get up sort a drink and have a fag. Now when I know I am going to go straight to sleep I take the patch off and just replace in the morning - major step forward. Have had restless sleep, heartburn spend all day grazing on whatever is in the cupboard or fridge I have lost my appetite but found the ones of at least 3 other people lol. I was reading about "brain fog" I have been having periods of light headedness but they pass and I think its the brain adjusting to the oxygen we deprived it of for so long. To all the people who are off on imminent breaks - enjoy - you deserve them. One of the reasons I quit was that my breathing was starting to sound like a bear growling (low growl). This has now ceased so something working here. Good Luck to all - God Bless JC.

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  • Well done on making big steps forward, delighted you're hanging in there😊

    No more growling too👏🏼👏🏼 sounds like you're really making progress. It's tough at times but honestly you're doing great and all those side effects are quite normal unfortunately☹️ They will pass so be very proud of yourself hun💐😊

  • Hi dontdothisagain, it is hard, all of the above I have felt and some still. stay strong you are doing Fantastic. I'm off on a break , so been walking in the hills and got lots of fresh air into my lungs and enjoying it. take care your a winner and doing Great x

  • Well done don't 😊 You are doing really well 😊

    Try taking the patch off 30 mins before you go to bed...... That way you should have a better nights sleep 😊

  • Wierd how I think my second two weeks are harder than my first and not sure why.  So I understand that.  Sounds like you are really doing great!

  • The quit is tricky and deceiving. Try to stay occupied and know that you are not alone. And trust that IT DOES GET BETTER. Sure I posted today that I miss it, but I also have a 6 month badge to show off. 

    Hang in there girl! 


  • You you doing great! Winning the battle of the nasty nic. When I first quit, walking helped me a good bit. I did eat and stayed away from scales! One battle at a time! 

    Best of luck! 

    Your QUIT looks great on you! 


  • wonderful post--Thank you JC   Hugs MmeT

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