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Day 18 Cold Turkey; Why did we start?

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kronoskeylock19 Months Winner

Hello my fellow travellers to well being. First of all thank you again for all your support. I would like to ask, when and why did you all start smoking?

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Friezfriend13 MONTHS WINNER

I was 21, I wanted to try cannabis (I know I know, it was 1972) and I didn't know how to smoke, I got my sister and my friend to show me how. When I did eventually try cannabis I hated it and its effect, by which time I was hooked on smoking. :( It was also very cool in those days to smoke, used to smoke Black Sobranie and passing clouds, also some delightfully coloured ones that you colour coordinated your clothes to. Everyone smoked, in hospitals, schools, offices absolutely everywhere, it was absolutely ok to do so. In fact having a bit of trouble recently with loads of TV series from that era cos everyone is smoking in them! Bloody pathetic really and so sad cos I really hated it until then, didn't like the smell or smoke, oh well, too late for me to undo it now, I doubt very much that my daughter ever will though, fingers crossed, she is 26 now so let us pray. Day 18, I know it is probably still very hard for you, but you will get there I promise, keep on going my friend, you are doing really really well. :)

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kronoskeylock19 Months Winner in reply to Friezfriend

thanks FRiezfriend, I was ten and we bought some ciggies from a machine outside Woolworths in town, that was 1968! In mitigation, Swindon had just won the leugue cup? I,m proud of myself for stopping, but i will be honest, its hard

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I was 16 when I started, just wanted to be like my friends at school! I wish I had never started! I have had a fight with my daughter this morning for not eating her breakfast, then had a fight with husband for not washing dishes, oh and shouted at my son last night for knocking over my glass of wine. Seem to be very short tempered at the moment and can't control it and now I feel really bad.

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kronoskeylock19 Months Winner in reply to kizwiz

Dont worry kizwiz, I ve tried so many times to quit i know exactly how you feel, Try this, look at yourself in a mirror and say "Hello Nicotine. your losing!!!" Or a brisk walk in the park

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monkyAdministrator in reply to kizwiz

Aup Wiz :) as Martin has said, we know exactly how you feel :o

As for your Daughter not eating her breakfast, you cant force her to eat !

As for her husband not washing the dishes, di you know, that there are not many men that are capable of washing dishes :o

As for your Son knocking over your glass of wine, well, thats just not playing ball is it :P :P am with you on that one gal :D :D

Hey, you stick with it gal, it will get easier for you, you see :) :)

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kizwiz1 YEAR WINNER in reply to monky

That's funny monkey, anything but the wine eh

I was also 15 and in my final year at school. In those days it was so cool to smoke to fit in with the crowd, that was over 40 years ago now and got hooked very quickly, tried a number of times to stop but never been successful. Had a heart attack just over a month ago and have not had a cig since, today is day 26 and I am so proud, but it is so difficult! Good luck to us all, together we can do it x

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kizwiz1 YEAR WINNER in reply to Kaprin

Hi Kaprin, you should be proud of yourself cos it is hard. Sometimes it feels like torture. Reading about the success of people on here helps to renew my determination. Thanks to all the wonderful quitters on here.

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