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Day 1 smoke free

Hi all , well I've bitten the bullet

And decided that today's the day, so no more smoking . Looking forward to the roller coaster ride (and so is my partner he assures me!!). I was diagnosed with lymphodema in my lower legs by my GP by her prodding on the limb, she sent me off to get some compression socks ordered, but hasn't asked to see me or sent me on. Is this normal?

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Hiya Michele and a big warm welcome to quit support 😊

Congratulations on making the best decision for your future health for you and your partner. It's great you're doing it together as you'll be able to keep each other going👍🏼

Just wondered are you using nicotine replacement or cold turkey. This helps us to help you. Lots of great advice here and friendly members to support you both. Sorry don't know anything about lymphodema so can't help there but someone else might pop on and help with that. Good luck with your quit and if ya need anything, just shout as there's always someone around to help😊x

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Hi I've been cutting down for a couple of weeks and now I'm switched to a vaporiser figured it's nothing like a cigarette but has a little nicotine in it, as me and cold turkey don't go well together. You've been really helpful already as I always wondered why I felt really breathless and now I now I can process it and deal with it.

Feeling positive 😁


Hi ya MicheleC, and a big warm welcome to our lovely quit support group :) :)

As our lovely Briarwood has said, you and your partner have made the very best decision in your lives :) :)

Michele, you say your using the e-cig to help you, that is excellent :) cos although you are still getting the nicotine, you are not getting the other 4.000 flippin toxins that you get with the smokes eh :) :)

As for your lower leg problems, I'm so sorry but cant help you their :( but what I would suggest, is to perhaps get another GP's advice :)

Michele, am just flippin loving your positiveness :) :) and dont you forget our mantra on here :o NOPE, Not One Puff Ever :) :)

If you look to the right of your post, you will see, Pinned Posts and Topics, have a nosey through them, cos some of them could help you :) :)

Michele, you take care now gal :) and get your other half to come on here too eh :) hope to see's ya soon :)

Pete :)

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Hi Michele and welcome 😊 good for you making the right decision for your health 😊

As to your condition I'm sorry I don't know what this is but there are other support groups on HU that may be able to assist you better with that 😊

As to your quit please let us know how you get on and if there is anything you need to know or wanna ask, then just holler..... And welcome to day two of your quit 😀😀😀


Ok so day 3 is here and that devil is sitting on my shoulder and shouting, know I've got to push through this, but feeling the urge well and truly today. Keep saying NOPE over and over in my head.


Well done! Keep going!

We know these things will pass and it will get better.

It's just remembering how to deal with things.

I'm on day one.


Good luck , honestly it's funny and makes you realise how idiotic it is that we can be so addicted and attached to these things. The voice is deafening but I'm basically writng down all my reasons to give up, this is helping. Fitbit reliably informed me I woke up 43 times last night, looking forward to tonight's sleep!!!!


Michele congrats on quitting. I will say that the road is a crazy journey. Be glad that you have the support of your partner. That does make a big difference in your journey. I have been a week and my partner still smokes and refuses to quit..... So be glad that you do have that daily support.


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