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6 weeks and feeling better

Hello everyone,

6 weeks are over now and i am starting to feel better. It was horrible initially.Chest pain has reduced significantly. :) For sour throat my doc asked me to gargle with aspirin in little hot water 3 times a day. Which is really helpful. I am also on antibiotics.Just one problem that's remaining is light abdominal pains for which i am hopeful that i will go away soon.Will wait for another one month.

Due to all this i have started to hate smoking. If i could just ban it :( . I feel like slapping if some one smokes even when i am passing by. Well in India, we have no choice, at least in Chennai :(. Just walk for 1 KM and you will find at least 20 smoking. I was in California for a month in San Francisco and i felt awesome there. Air quality is so much better and only 5-6 people were smoking out of 500 in my office, based on my observation.I smoked like hell there for a month.

Well past is past, I have done some research on why all this happens which i will share.

Smoking suppresses the immunity of our body.Many people know about cilia etc so lets leave that.


Above study suggest that Nose-only exposure of rats twice per day for >6 months results in a decreased antibody response.

This causes many bacteria and foreign invader growth in our body and mostly lungs , nose,intestine,stomach and throat because those are the places from where we inhale and eat lots of crappy bacteria,viruses and parasites.

Now while we smoke we feel we dont have any problem since our body is not fighting those infections. We think that its alright.There is no response.

When we quit, This process stops and our body starts to fight by releasing antibodies which causes inflammation in lungs(breathing difficulty due to bronchial inflammation), nose and throat(sinusitis,sour throat etc). Some times you may get intestinal and stomach issues. Fighting goes on for some time and depends on how much craps you have inhaled or eaten which are residing in your body.When those bacteria die out and craps are out of your body, you start to feel better.

It may take one month to one year, but the thing is our natural capabilities are returning to normal.

Some people might think that because they stopped smoking, they are feeling sick or may be their body is used to smoking but the truth is you are returning to your natural state slowly.When you go to a doctor he gives you antibiotics to make this process fast but normally you might not have needed the antibiotics if you were not smoking. Our body can fight these bacterium on its own but it makes us sick and takes time when smoking has already done the damage.

For 3 years i smoked and i never felt sick and then i started to think that my body is really strong but after quitting it was as if all kinds of diseases of three years have struck me down, never felt so bad. But now its getting better. :)

I am glad that i have done it. Only 25 years old. Looks like just came out of some dangerous cave i was going into. :P

You can go through following links for more info:






Keep it up all of you!!!

NOPE, Not one puff ever :P


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Congratulations arvind on 6 weeks, quit and it's great to hear you're feeling better👍🏼

Thanks for sharing with us as it really does help others and keep up the good quit you have there, well done😊x

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Hi arvind, well done, 6 weeks is fantastic especially as you seem to be surrounded by smokers 😮

I love that you have packed this awful habit whilst you are soooo young and hopefully your body will fully recover from the effects.... Well done 😊

As to your stomach pains, this is quite normal too so hopefully you will be back to your normal self soon 😊

Stay strong and keep focused😊

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