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Resting heart rate after just 7 days smoke free

Just ending day 7 smoke free and had a little fact to share. My resting heart rate has averaged 120 bpm (some days 140) for the past 30 years for sure. Maybe even since I started smoking 44y8m ago. Today, after only 7 days my average heart rate for the day was 80. Makes me curious as to what my blood pressure is, may be down also. Happy Smoke Free days to all. Hugs, K

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That is awesome kaelie👏👏💗💗


Lovely new 1 week winner badge Kaelie well done hun👍 and bet you're delighted with your lower heart rate so it's good news all round, keep up the great quit and your body will most definitely be thanking you😃x


I'm not in any way medically qualified but it is my understanding that, generally, resting heart rate should be under 100 - so that is great news! A big, fat WELL DONE! (and keep up the good work!).

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Hi Chris, you are doing a great on your quit, almost a year now...Good on you :) :)


Wow Mr beardy Chris......cannot believe how the time has flown, look at you with almost a year quit ...whooooohoooo can't wait to see your new bit of bling 😁😁


Well done kaelie, loving the new badge... it suits you 😁😁 great news about your heart rate 😁😁


Way Hayyyyy Kaelie, thats flippin great news about your heart rate gal :) :)

Your a whole week smoke free now :) :) soooo, you hold your head up high gal and be proud of yourself, cos am dead proud of you :) :)

Please just remember though, that flippin mr nic is very crafty and he can strike at any time :o Good luck on your journey to a new healthier life :) :)


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