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Hi, I am 59 years old and have not smoked since March 2013, almost at my two year anniversary ans all I can say that if I can do it anyone can as I have had many many failed attempts but too be honest I still sometimes miss it but these episodes are becoming less and less. Health was my main reason as I was losing the feelings in my legs. This has now come back and often get a warm feeling in my toes which were always frozen. Do keep going everyone. I have also saved over 5k too.

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Hi ya Morv, a big warm welcome to our online quit support forum :) and thankyou sooo much for writing this post :) cos it will definitely help other members :)

Your very nearly 2 Years quit now then :) soooo, I'd best get out their and catch you a Winners badge eh :) I hope you feel very proud of yourself and your achievement, cos we all know how hard it is :)


I'm soo glad your getting your feelings back into your toes and legs again :) this tells you that your body is cleaning itself out, of all the abuse that it got when we smoked eh :o :)

Stick with it Morv, cos your going great guns and maybe go treat yourself to something nice with all that extra cash ya got :)

Thanking you again :) Pete :)


Hiya Morv and congrats on being nearly 2 years quit, is great to hear and definitely encourages us all to keep going, thanks 😊 x

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Thanks Morv. Really thought about a cigarette this weekend. A wave of weakness Read your post and it got me through


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