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Happy Monday

Hi to all. I hope everyone is doing well. I will say thanks you guys I have never felt better. Not a smoke in 20 days . Everyone keep trying keep posting hang in there. I have made a promise to me I'm done with smokes. Have a great week, stay positive do not let others make you feel bad, most of them are just sleeping sheep. Remember :

You are smart, you are beautiful and you are important!

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Hi pugs,

You are doing so well and with your positivity you will stay quit 😄

Keep up great work :)


Aup Pugs, its great to see you :)

You've got an awesome quit going there :) :) you stick to it now and why not go and treat yourself to something nice, cos you deserve it :)

Thank you for letting us know how well your doing :)


Hey Pugs, almost 3 weeks under your belt - absolutely marvellous :-)

Great to hear how well you are doing and to know that you have made such a genuine pledge to yourself :-)


Well done for bring smoke free for 20 days. That is really good. Keep up the good work pugs :D xx


Hey Pugs..... 20 days is fantastic hun and what a great positive post :)

You have a great quit going on there so keep up the good work and stay focussed :)


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