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Nearly 2 days nicotine free


Still not had any nicotine im so proud of myself i never thought i would see myself where i am now. Will be 2 weeks quit tomorrow

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Hi smokefreeandme

Well done, we're all proud of you as well, way to go :) keep going your doing brilliantly :)

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Thank you :)

Wow smokefreeandme - that is absolutely fantastic and a double fantastic because you have been nic free for 2 days - you are amazing girl!!!!

A massive well done to you and you quite rightly should be proud of yourself - stay strong, stay positive and stay happy with your achievement - you are doing brilliantly xx :) :)

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Thank you :) i feel great for it

Well done flower,amazing achievement.You're a very strong willed young lady.Just keep going one day at a time.Great job.H

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Thank you im taking each day as it comes

Your doing great, and look forward to seeing your first badge, stay focused. x :-)

Huge congratulations, you will already be reaping the benefits x

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