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71 days Smoke free

..but I have started coughing up blood. Yes, I know this is not a good sign and have dropped a sample off to the Docs. :'-(

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Hi there Daemon, Sorry to here about your cough etc., I know its easier said than done but it may not be as serious as you think. Even if it is you have seen the doctor early and its not always bad news.

At least you have quit the smoking so that will go in your favor. Stay strong and positive. xxxx


Hi Daemon, so sorry to hear about your coughing up blood and hope that it is nothing too sinister. Good that you are top of it quickly :)

Try and stay strong while you are waiting on the results and now that you have quit smoking you will prevent any further damage :) :)

Sending big strong staying positive vibes your way :) :)


Stay strong and I hope it's only a side effect of quitting :)

You are doing the best thing you can for your health :) x


Sorry to hear about your cough Daemon :( but you've done the best thing in going to your doc :)

Try to stay strong and focused cos your doing ever so well on your quit :) :)


Hey Daemon, you are steps ahead already by stopping smoking. Great to hear that you have done the right thing already and popped in to see your Doctor - Have you been advised as to when you need to call back? Please keep us posted and stay in touch. A whole lot of positive thoughts and vibes heading your way ;-)


Tests back as "no further action required - sample clear" - so errr..... this is normal? Man I should have continued smoking!!


Daemon, NO NO please dont go back to smoking again, cos I tell ya, it wont alter anything :o

You did the right thing and went to see your doc and its come back clear :o am just wandering, have you got a bleeding tooth :o or are your gums bleeding, cos these are a pretty common side affect when quitting :o You may have thought the blood was coming from inside you, but it just may have come from your mouth :) if you see what I mean :)

Please stay strong cos your doing ever soo well on your quit :) :)


Noooooooooo, please don't go back to smoking coz it won't make you feel any better, in fact it will probably make you feel worse :(

Our bodies heal in lots of strange and different ways, you gotta hang in there at the moment :)

2 months is a terrific quit, so no need to go and spoil it now as you've come so far :)

You got over Christmas and New Year which is hard to do, and you did it :)

Give yourself some credit for all your hard work and give your body a chance to heal itself. Hope you feel better soon :) x


Hi Daemon. Glad your sample is clear that is good news. But please do not go back to smoking it will not help you. You are doing so well. Keep it up :D x


Hi Daemon, Don't worry as Monkey has said it is probably bleeding gums, as I've had that on and off throughout my quit.

Stay possative, :-)


Hi Daemon. Well done for bring smoke free for 71 days keep up the good work. I am sorry to hear you are coughing up blood that is not good at all :( I hope you feel much better soon :D x


Great news on the test results Daemon, as everyone has already said - please don't go back to smoking - You really are doing brilliantly and if you did return to smoking - I can guarantee that you will only want to give it up again at some point. You may as well crack on with the journey now :-)

You can do this, stay strong :-)


Great test results :) :) :) .....DONT GO BACK TO SMOKING - reflect on the thoughts that have been going through in your head while waiting for these results....Ask yourself..do you want to have that same worry again....STAYING QUIT.....you wont do any further damage.

You have done so very well so far - so keep up the great quit :) :)


Well the bloody phlegm is getting less bloody.... I guess we'll just have to wait and see... I don't want to smoke, I was just being flippant I guess. Thanks for all the support folks.


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