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hiya im Kelly looking on stopping smoking for new year ive got to this time I lost my father to heart failure after suffering his first

hiya im Kelly looking on stopping smoking for new year ive got to this time I lost my father to heart failure after suffering his first

heart attack at 38 the age im at now through high chlosteroel plus other problems he was lucky to live aslong as he did. But seeing him suffering the past few years smoking playing a big part in his ill health but the damage was done. But I don't want to go in the same way think the stress of losing my dad just july 28th 14 ive kept smoking that's not an excuse I need to quit now can anyone help plz x

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Hi kelly and a big welcome to quit support. Well done on making the decision to Quit smoking. You say you plan quit for the new year, do you intend using any Nicotine Replacement Therapy NRT eg patches, lozenges etc or are you looking at other alternatives like the ecigarette, champix etc.

Planning is a big part of quitting and staying quit, combined with having the knowledge about what to expect when you do quit.

I suggest you read some of the information on the right hand side of the page under the topic headings as you will find a wealth of information as well as stories from other members quit experiences.

We are a very friendly group who will support you every step of way should you need it. Sometimes just coming here and venting, just helps you get through a craving moment, or join in the daily chats/jokes page etc.

Keep us posted on how your preparation for quitting is going and if you have any questions, please dont hesitate to ask, as i am sure someone either has experience it and help out or, someone else was wondering the same thing :) :)

All the very best of luck on your journey to freedom from cigarettes


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Hi Kelly.... I'm so sorry about your father. The decision you are making is definitely the right one and i'm sure he would be proud of you.....it's not easy but you will have so much support from this site.....take care.

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How you travelling on your quit journey after31years? I do hope all is going well for you :) :)


Hey there glolin. Day 13 today. No real cravings but just feel poorly. Sore throat driving me crazy. Got a cold coming. Must be my imagination but didn't get poorly when I smoked.....just did a whole heap of damage instead.


i feel for you....cold like symptons are a part of the quitting process, so you may not get a cold :) :) I got the really sore throat around the 2 to 3 week mark. The only relief i got was by sucking on antibacterial throat lozenges. I got that for about 4 weeks then just out of nowhere it just vanished.

Hang in there, as it does get better, I promise :) :)

you are doing very well


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Aup After, its lovely to see you :) gosh 2 weeks quit tomorrow, best pull my flippin finger out and get you a new badge ready then eh :) :)

Yep, it sounds just like quitters flue to me too Glolin and some great advice to After :)

Drink plenty of water and fluids and am sending ya some warm, soothing anti sneezing huggs to help you through the day :) :)


Hiya after31 years, you're doing great, hang in there coz you're nearly 2 weeks now and it will start to get easier soon :) x


Hi Kelly. You've had a tough time, so hard, and now every day carrying the worry about your own smoking

Quitting is not easy and we've all been and are going through it, but every day we don't smoke we don't have to worry about the damage we're doing to ourselves when we do. That is one helluva good thing, we celebrate the achievment

You can do it! Plan how. Think about what you'll do instead of smoking, getting exercise and other good things you van do for yourself, and like Lin says, nrt. Find a stop smoking counsellor, maybe through the doctors. Theyre free, and you can talk it through.

Good luck. The only way is up! :)

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Hi Kelly and a big warm welcome to this lovely quit forum :)

I'm so sorry to hear about your father and like you say, you do not want to suffer like he did, so lets get you quit eh :) We will help you in any way we can Kelly, cos we've all been through it or going through it :o so we know what its like.

You've had some great advice already :) which ever way you decide to quit, I think its always a good idea to make a quit plan :) As in sit yourself down and think of when the hardest time's will be for you :o write them down and think of a plan of action to help you over come these times :) Erm, say, when you drive to work it will be hard for you :o well, walk or catch the bus to work for a few days :) and so on :) If you need any help with your plan, just give us a shout :)

Also, while your sitting down, make another list of WHY's you want to quit :o what the benefits would be for you :) perhaps make a few copies of it, then you can stick them around the house :) then if you get tempted, you can just read your list and hopefully stay on the path to freedom eh :)

If your planning on using some form of NRT, then please let us know, cos we will help you with it :)

Hope to speak soon Kelly, take care now :)

Pete :)

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Hiya Kelly and welcome to quit support :)

Sorry to hear your sad news :(

The best thing you can do for your health is stop smoking and it's not easy but it is worth it :)

You have a lot of good advice here and I wish you lots of luck in your preparation to quit :)

This support group will give you lots and lots of help :) x


Hi Kelly and a huge welcome to Quit Support :-)

I really am sorry to hear about you losing your father - although nothing will change the situation, time is a great healer xx

You've most definitely come to the right place for help and support to stop smoking :-) As you can see already, we have a lot of friendly folk who are always quite welcoming and willing to lend a helping hand along this adventurous stopping smoking journey :-)

Getting ready to quite for the New Year means that you have 3 weeks of planning towards your quit date :-)

Planning and preparing along the way puts you in a stronger place to stay stopped :-)

The best place to start is by trying to get an understanding of how smoking affects you and which parts of smoking you believe satisfies you....

Quite often, when somebody decides that they would like to give up smoking, they jump straight in at the deep end without giving much thought, if any - to what part of smoking they feel they will actually miss when quitting.

It is quite useful to try and understand what it is that you think you enjoy about smoking, both physically and mentally. Here is a simple thought provoking exercise to try before your quit date;

1. Don't worry about stopping smoking but become really aware of each cigarette or roll up that you smoke and the whole process of smoking each individual one. What do you believe you really enjoy about it? Is it the making the roll up, getting the cigarette out of the packet, puffing the cigarette in or blowing it out?

2. Next, again without trying to stop, try and go for as long as you can without smoking. However when you feel that the craving is too much, really think about what it is that you are feeling... Does it feel physical? Is it in your tummy? In your chest? Does your mouth water? Does it feel more in your mind? Like you can't concentrate? Feeling a bit tense? Upset?

3. When you feel that you can't take any more of this awful feeling, go and get your cigarettes.

4. Notice at which point any part of this action takes that awful feeling away. You may feel better once you pick up your cigarette packet... without even having to light your cigarette. The feeling may go when you take the first puff in, maybe when you blow it out. The feeling may not even go until you have finished smoking and put your cigarette out.

Only you are able to recognise and answer any of the above for yourself then you can work on the next step of moving towards your quit date.

The key to successfully stop smoking and staying stopped, is all in the thinking, planning and preparing before, during and after your quit date :-)

The next thing to think about (as our members have already suggested above), is a choice of NRT or non-nicotine product. When used properly, they can work really well. Most products can be accessed through your local stop smoking service, GP or pharmacy - this can be for free of you don't pay for your prescriptions. If you do pay, then it will be just the cost of your prescriptions. You can even get a prepayment certificate to help cover the cost of your course of NRT.

If you would like to know the details of your local stop smoking service, private message me your post code and I'll let you know where and when etc :-)

You really can do this, so let’s start by taking just one step at a time :-)


Kelly - what ever you need to do to quit smoking, do it. I am 47 and smoked since age 12. I've not had a tobacco cig in 2 months tomorrow! Still want one, of course. My life theory was we are all going to die anyway, so why not live and be happy. After a bout of illness, I decided even though I know I'm going to die, I don't want to die by suffocation and I don't want to see my children get married with an oxygen tank on me. I wish you all the luck in the world. Sorry for your loss also; 5 years after losing my Mother and I still cry today.


Hi Kelly, what a lovely happy picture

Sorry to hear your sad news about your Dad :( You have had some great advice and you have definitely come to the right site, we are a friendly bunch :) We have all been thru it but I would not have got this far without the support of the good people on here :)

Tell everyone you know that your giving up smoking as this will help you

Stay close to the site, focussed and strong and you will be a non smoker :)


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