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Thanks to All

Hi All

Would like to thank everyone who replied to me. I only have my kindle at the moment and I'm having trouble posting back to you all.

You have helped a lot. I certainly don't feel so one now. I'm determined to stick with you all and stay quit.

Every time I try and reply I lose it. I'm hoping to get a laptop soon.

Love to all and NOPE for today.

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Hiya Freshandclean,

I am so glad your not feeling so alone now :) :). this is a fantastic place to be as we all quitting and or staying quit and most importantly, we understand :) :)

I will always be eternally grateful for this site as we have nothing like it here in Australia and everyone has just welcomed me with open arms.

Without the people here I too would have been very alone in my quit, hubby quit 10 years ago and is away from home often with his job


Good morning fresh and clean, hope you get your laptop soon.


Sometimes we get gremlins on this site which confuses us all. Emjay and myself couldnt post anything first thing. if it carries on we let H.U. know.

Have a lovely NOPE day. xx


You're doing amazingly well,7 weeks quit already.You have to keep reminding yourself why you're doing this & just stay strong.As I've said before you never need to feel like you're doing this alone,loads of people feeling just like you.You can do this without a shadow of a doubt,just one day at a time.


Thank you Snowdrop...I'm feeling smashing. I'm not scared anymore. All the lovely people who sent a message bucked me up no end.

I'm reading everything I can. Love feeling so clean .xx


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