I'm 6 Months Free Of Cigarettes!!

I'm 6 Months Free Of Cigarettes!!

If I can stop smoking so can you – I am posting this as a quick reminder that we have to stop smoking and a bit of motivation for you!

I really did not think I could do it – Especially after trying once before and failing…

I have always had in my mind that I will one day stop smoking I just had no idea when I would – or if I would and more so if I was capable.

So here is my first video and the first half of my stop smoking story!

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  • Hi Simon and a big warm welcome to our lovely quit support forum :) :)

    I've had a look at your vid, BUT, your still smoking :o Although you may have stopped smoking cigarettes :) your still smoking cigars :o :o

    You say that you dont inhale the smoke from the cigars, BUT, your breathing it in, arnt you :o Sooooo, your still getting all the toxins, poisons that you would do if you were smoking a cigarette :o which to me is pointless :(

    I'm sorry Simon, but I have to differ to your thoughts :( :(

    Pete :)

  • Wait a second here... I have had 12 cigars in 6 month...not one of them did I inhale!! not one.. In fact every now and again I accidentally inhale the tiniest amount and I get a head rush and cough my lungs out!!! but really Im not inhaling I promise!!!

    I am inhaling the vapoirzer so maybe thats the one you saw!!! :-)

  • Aup Simon :)

    If your smoking a cigarette, cigar, or a pipe, whether you inhale it or not, your still breathing in the harmful toxins through your nose :o if you see what I mean !!

  • Simon, you have a great quit going on there pal :) only 2 cigars in a month :) :) soooooo, why not cut them out too :)

    Think about when you want them ? need them ? what can you do to alter this :o

  • Smoking a cigar once every month or two is a huge improvement over a pack of cigarettes a day! Whatever works. I'd say probably eventually cut down on that and vaping as well, but so far so good it seems =)

  • You are still smoking..

  • no Im not.

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