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Hi everyone I hve returned I hve now stopped smoking for 16 days and feel awful am depressed tired no energy just want to curl up in my duvet and sleep the fag ends girl nearly fell off her chair on Friday coz think this is the longest I've gone and just want to keep going am just tking it one day at a time as the song goes I now drink green tea instead of ordinary tea but am really want sweet stuff but am eating loads of fruit aswell but feel like a vey large pig at the moment cd really do with some reassurance tht I will feel better soon I want to go out for a walk but am so tired if anyone has any tips much appreciated hope you all hve nice day despite lousy weather:(

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Hi Rosslyn, welcome to quit support and a massive well done for 16 days :)

This is a huge achievement so well done to you :)

I'm sorry you're feeling so lousy but this is a very hard thing you are doing :)

I can only tell you it will get better :)

Can I ask if you are cold turkey or using nrt ?

If you have smoked for a long time like I did, it really takes a bit of time before you start to feel better :)

You could always go to your GP to get checked out if you are very worried :)

Your body is going through a lot of adjustment at the moment and the brain is trying to trick you into having one, so it's a bit of an emotional roller coaster :)

I think you are doing brilliant, keep up the good work and I'm sure our lovely advisor Emjay will be on to give you her expert advice soon :) x

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Hi ya Rosslyn, its lovely to see you back and a massive well done to you for reaching 16 days quit. I bet your so proud of yourself arnt you, cos I know am proud of you gal.

Erm, as for you feeling down etc, just maybe your trying to do too much at once ! Just concentrate on your quit first then you can eat and drink more healthy later when your body has got over the shock of quitting.

Rosslyn, reward yourself, treat yourself to something nice and drink plenty of water.

Speak soon, Pete.

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Briarwood and Monky have already said it all. Itdoes get better promise. We have all been through depression and feeling guilty about over eating. Like Monky says you can sort weight issues out later. As for being tired try and force youself to go out for a walk, even just a short one. Fresh air really does help and distracts you from wanting a ciggy. Your doing great soon be 16 weeks . :)


Hey Rosslyn, remember to try and stay positive :o Everything that you are going through is a good sign that your body is recognising that you are not feeding it all those 4,000 plus poisonous toxins.

Wanting something sweet? Why not throw a few grapes into the freezer, they are a good alternative to boiled sweets :-)

You could even try practising a few different breathing techniques - Depending on how you breath, you can leave yourself feeling nice and relaxed or completely revitalised :-)

I've just had a quick Google for you and found this link that you may find useful;


Keep us posted on how you are and we'll look after you the best we can :-)


Hi Rosslyn, so sorry your going through it at the moment but it does get better :)

Your doing really well and your into the second half of your 1st month quit.... WHOOHOO :D

I think its fair to say that most of us have put some weight on during our quit. I don't know about you but I can only concentrate on one thing at a time...... for me that's quitting smoking, now that I've almost got my head around it I now need to consider my weight issues.... :(

All our quits have been different but some of our symptoms have been quite similar. Tiredness & feeling down are quite common. As Jillygirl says, get yourself out there and go for a walk around the block, you may be surprised at how much better you feel :)

Also if you give up now you will only have to go through this all over again..... :( so stick with it hun as you are almost there....

Negativity is sooooo tiring so remain positive and upbeat as this will help you get through the symptoms quicker :)

If you need us just holler and we will give you as much support as we can :)

Keep up the good work, stay positive, strong and keep the faith :) -x-


Hi Rosslyn, I really feel for you at the moment but as youve probably gathered everything your feeling is all part of the process of getting rid of nic! it does get better so take heart from everyone on here who knows exact how you're feeling and that will hopefully give you the boost you need. One day at a time :) x


Hi Rosslyn. It's rough for the first few weeks but like everyone gas said it DOES get better. I can't add much more to what our other quitters have said but I think I'm the tea 'fan' on here. I used tea to help give up. I bought a really nice array of flavoured tea and then when I got a craving would make one ( or about 15 a day at first). You can buy flavours like ginger bread or salted caramel or baked apple - add some granulated sweetener and they taste like sweets or biscuits! good luck with the quit, you can do it!

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There is a plus side to this feeling of misery & depression Rosslyn.......write down exactly how you're feeling. Make it as graphic as possible. Once you're through this phase, temptation is likely to come in the future & a reminder of what you will need to put yourself through if you relapse may just strengthen your resolve.

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Just to say I hope you are feeling a bit better today Rosslyn. You are doing so great with this, it is worth it, you gotta feel proud of yourself, tackling a really hard thing, and doing it. If you can think of any things to treat yourself with, do it. Look after you, you deserve it, imagine you are looking after someone you really love, treating them, if it helps, cos you should be loving you :) - I treat myself to a bath, music, walking always helps if you are up to it.

Thinking of you and sending hugs and well wishes x


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