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Waiting to feel different

In the past when I have quit I have always had in the back of my mind that one day I will wake up and feel different... as if I am a non smoker. Prior to stopping smoking I had 'read Alan Carr's book and a few other articles but the most helpful conversation was with a colleague at work. He subscribes to the fake it til you make it school of philosophy i.e. act as if you are a non smoker and the thought processes will follow. We had a heated discussion about this. I couldn't wrap my head around this. If you're not smoking then surely you are acting as a non smoker? Yes he said. Then why did I think about it after about 3 months.... ALL THE TIME? He pointed out to me that stopping smoking isn't enough.  Living as if you are a non smoker is the goal. Getting off the sofa. Eating healthy meals and nurturing your body through exercise and meditation is where it's at. 

I realised that I hadn't been very nice to my body over the years. Poisoning it with nicotine... depriving it of meals. ... exercise.... working too much overtime and not enough sleep. 

So this time around I have nurtured myself and I also believe that I am a non smoker now. I am not waiting for a bolt of lightening. I wake every day without that sinking feeling and tiredness and wheezing. I feel so blessed. 

Thank you for all your posts they inspire and support me every day.


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Hi 4cats, Congratulations on your 3 weeks, you're going great.  That sounds like great advice, it's something I've been following myself.  I started off with a vague idea of getting a bit fitter which led to me starting the Couch to 5K programme, which led to better eating etc.  

I think you start to feel like a non-smoker when you watch other people smoke and, instead of being envious, you pity them trying to get a draw from the rollie in the cold and a force ten gale lol.

Keep up the good work.



Good points both, it isnt really enough to carry on exactly as you were but just without cigarettes. It's a lifestyle and attitude change. I remember on my last quit watching people smoking and I remember thinking they looked a little bit ridiculous 😄


Thanks for posting , that makes a lot if sense to me, and yeah it is life changing. I dealing with the quitting at present , but my long term goal is to become healthier , by joining a gym . I now eat regular, probably not as healthy as should, as I'm craving things I never did before:( . You have done Fantastic and seem very Focussed on you goal. Well done to you, keep it up and stay strong xxx


Good morning 4cats😸😸😸😸

Ya know , I don't feel like a non smoker yet  because I'm around second hand smoke quite a bit with some of my friends and not around it with other friends.  Im so focused on  not lighting up and I get a lot of satisfaction knowing I'm not inhaling 4000+ chemicals directly into my bloodstream and lungs...   Hope you have a beautiful Sunday 🌸🌷🌸🌷☀️


I do know what you mean about second hand smoke. My husband still smokes and when I smell the smoke I get a weird tugging feeling. However what I do now is face the smoke and let it wash over me. Probably no good for my lungs but I know that I will be in situations in the future where I will have people smoking over me so I might as well face it now. My son doesn't smoke so he has been really supportive and tells his dad to go outside!!! 

I have had a lovely Sunday. Up with the lark and in he garden painting the gazebo and pruning. Looks a little better but still loads to do. Weather has been cold .... typical English weather but bearable.Watching the football now. Back to work on Tuesday covering for the doctor's strike. Mexico is looming for you isn't it? You must be so excited. Take care. Xxxx


Great post and great quit 4 cats, you're doing really well and it's a good idea to keep nurturing yourself, well done🚭💐


I think your colleague is right.... Hate it when men are right grrrr😊😊

I do see myself as a non smoker except about the healthy food and exercise part.... Just got to get all my ducks in a row 😂😂

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