Just a quick update!!!

Morning to everyone hope your all well!! 55 days of not smoking who would of thought it!!! The best thing I have ever done was give up cigs I feel great full of energy and my pockets are full of cash haha!!! Here's to another 55 days.. Much love Rikki xx

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  • Well done, Rikki! Have you decided how you are going to use all that extra energy and cash yet?

    Something exciting perhaps? :)

  • BIG well done rikki, so good to hear your quit paid off. Have a lovely weekend. Xx

  • Well done Rikki :) :) 55 Days, is a fantastic effort :) You are well on your way to 100 days now :)

    Good Luck and keep up the great work

    Linda x

  • Well done Rikki 55 days woo hoo !!!!!

    :-) :-) :-)

    Enjoy your weekend, and treat yourself, you deserve it :-)

  • Hey Rikki, congratulations and well done to you :-) It's great tpo hear that you really are feeling the benefits of quitting - in your health and in your wealth :-)

    I shall go and seek out a lovely 2 month Winner's Badge for you ;-)

  • Hi Rikkitan, congratulations on your 2 month quit, fantastic to hear that you are feeling good, well done :) x

  • Hi Rikki, well done hun.... keep up the good work :) -x-

  • Aup Rikki, thats just flippin awwsome pal :) :) fantastic news :) :)

    You stick at it and I thank you for coming back to us and letting us know the great news :) your a star :)

    Pete :)

  • HUGE achievement Ricki, well done on a fab 55 days, you are awesome.

  • Hey H how are you doing? hows your mum doing ?

    Just thought you might like to know that I am a haribo free zone..... gone cold turkey again... two weeks :D

  • Is this cold turkey quitting the cigs, quitting haribo's or quitting the choc :o :P :D :D xx

  • definitely the haribo's... :O quitting the cigs was a bit easier :P and I'd never quit the choc..... there are just some things you can't give up in life :D :D

  • Good evening ''H'' :) :)

    I hope your well and full of the joys of ermmmm, is it winter now then :o :D :D

  • NOOOOOO not yet.... it didn't even rain here today :)

  • Hmm, well your flippin lucky then, cos it flippin erm, rained er and flippin cold with it :o

  • I will say nite nite DroopyJ cos am noddin seeee, as I dooo sometimes eh :o so sweet dreams and have a gooooood kip and rest after your walk today :) am sending you loads and loads a comforting warm getup and go another day and anti smoking, haribo's and choc huggggggs :) :) :D :D

    Enjoyyyyyy your sleep gal :) xx

  • thanks hun and you, enjoy your sleep - sweet dreams hun :) -x-

  • Well done Rikki your a star xx

  • Well Done! Treat yourself to something special! :)

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