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Tomorrow and it'l be 8 smoke free weeks, never thought l could do it!

I am feeling pleased with myself despite still on the nicotine gum, l never in my entire life thought l could be smoke free for 8 hours let alone 8 weeks! l do depend on the gum a lot but at least am not taking in any other dreadful chemicals and smoke to clog up lungs, did a peak flow about an hour ago and it was 260, the highest it has been for years. My only problem is that l am supposed to get as much exercise as l can, not with my Fibromyalgia l don't!!! but have really been pushing myself on that score because when l get a bad day with the Fibro then l won't be doing anything at all.

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A massive well done to you, 8 weeks is absolutely fantastic, I can totally understand how you feel I never ever ever thought I'd ever be able to pack in after 30 years of service to the evil weed and to be honest I still can't believe it but I am soooo glad that I did it. Don't worry about the nicotine that will happen at some other time at least your not having all the nasty chemicals and that's what matters, I'm on e cig and would never have done it without it :D :D


HUGE congrats on your brilliant 8 week quit.Peak flow reading is great ,just shows what a difference 8 weeks smoke free can make.Sorry to hear about the fibromyalgia,really horrible for you but good that you try to exercise when you can.Keep going Sue,you're a real superstar.Let us know how you get on.Hugs H x


Hi Sue980, WHOOHOO to you for 8 weeks stop - that's fantilliastic .. :D :D :D

Keep up the great work @D


Hi Sue, congratulations and a massive well done on your 8week quit :)





Huge congratulations huge achievement keep the faith x


Thankyou ALL! it does make such a difference knowing we are all on the same track and since l get very belief let alone encouragement at home it really is nice to read all your replies.Hubby does not think it is so hard to give up smoking ..after all HE has given up drinking!!! and l was with him all the way on that ans still am!! oh well l still have all of you for which l am eternally thankful believe me so THANKYOU again.Am just starting to reduce the nicotine gum but am not gonna push myself too hard on that , maybe just cut out one gum a day for a week or two then another.


Hi ya Sue, thats just flippin great news gal :) :)

Yes, you feel pleased with yourself and hold your head up high and be proud of what you have achieved :) cos I tell you, I'm soooo proud of you Sue :) :)

Please try to keep exercising cos that helps you in soo many ways :)

Sue, there's loads of help on here, hey, if ever you want a moan, a rant & rave, then you come and let us have it gal, there will always be somebody on here to listen to you :)

As for you cutting the gum down a bit each week or so, thats a great idea, but just stay comfy with it eh, sooo, you dont get tempted to go back to the ermmmm, you know what eh :) :)

Please stay with us Sue, Pete :)


Thanks Pete, am not going anywhere!!! am not tempted at all by the dreadful weed but the gum has got me!!! l know l have time to sort that out so am not rushing, have to do this right,because l simply cannot risk to go backwards when l have this copd, still exercising and slowly increasing the amount.Peak Flow going up and down but usually within 220 to 260 so it is better if only slightly, early days l guess.


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