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Sorry I'm Late!!!

Hi Everybody, I'm sorry I'm late - about 3 days late actually :)

I have to confess that I've been totally and utterly addicted to Masterchef and it was the final tonight and I was rudely interrupted by a phone call during it and therefore I've just seen the ending and wow, it was impressive.

So anyway, how is everybody doing this balmy evening??????


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Hi Chrissie, did you learn any new dishes that you'd be happy to cook? I turned on & it was Gorgonzola Ice cream??? what's that all about? I met up with the girls after work for dinner and am absolutely stuffed.... not sure I'll be eating again this weekend :O Oh who am I kidding, of course Ill be eating again :)


Hi droopyJ, I have to admit I didn't actually know what half the ingredients in the dishes were! But they looked amazing and it sounded like they tasted good too, but I can promise you I'm no chef :) I have enjoyed the series this year though

I actually prefer eating the dinner rather than cooking it anyway, hence dinner with the girls sounds perfect to me! Are you at the stage where you don't actually feel you can breathe properly because you've eaten so much? ha ha ha :D :D :D xx


I'm not saying I ate a lot, but trust me, if I was on a beach at the moment, I'd be harpooned..... :O :O :)


Hi Chrissie, just want to send you congratulations for Monday as I'm not here then. So it will be 2 months for you and a huge well done to you :) Brilliant job, keep up the good work :) I want to see your new badge up when I get back from my holidays hun :) x have a good weekend - hope the sun shines for ya :) x


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