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Fagerstrom Test: How nicotine dependent are you?

Fagerstrom Test: How nicotine dependent are you?

Part of the planning and preparation that takes place ahead of your quit day includes assessing your level of nicotine dependence.

For those of you who have attended your local stop smoking service, you will have been asked a series of questions. This is called the Fagerstrom test. It is a series of 6 questions, whose answers each have a score. Once completed the total score is then added together.

The higher the score, the greater the nicotine dependency.

This may also be used to indicate the most appropriate medication / therapy to help you to quit.

Fagerstrom Test

1. How soon after waking up do you smoke after your first cigarette?

After 60 minues (0)

31 - 60 minutes (1)

6 - 30 minutes (2)

Within 5 minutes (3)

2. Do you find it difficult to refrain from smoking in places where it is forbidden?

No (0)

Yes (1)

3. Which cigarette would you hate the most to give up?

The first one in the morning (1)

Any other (0)

4. How many cigarettes per day do you smoke?

10 or less (0)

11 - 20 (1)

21 - 30 (2)

31 or more (3)

5. Do you smoke more frequently during the first hours after waking than during the day?

No (0)

Yes (1)

6. Do you smoke even if you are so ill that you are in bed for most of the day?

No (0)

Yes (1)

Now add up your score.

Your level of nicotine dependence is:

0 - 2 = very low dependence

3 - 4 = low dependence

5 = medium dependence

6 - 7 = high dependence

8 - 10 = very high dependence

6 Replies

My dependence was medium to high as couldn't really remember the answer to no. 5. Probs explains my addiction to lozenges, tho managed on 4 yesterday and have had 2 up to now today, been very hard tho and have relied on e-cig to get me through. Was only averaging 7 anyway so not really cut down much.


Uh Oh, I've had 5 now and its only 8.00pm.


My dependencey was 5. medium.


My dependency was 8. very high :o :( :(


How fantastic it is that you have all used the word "WAS" :D :D


Mine was a 7 - SEVEEEEEN! :D :D


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