Doing my 6 month happy dance !

So 6 months ago I hadn't had a cigarette for around 16 hrs & was pretty miserable and absolutely doubting that I could ever live without my beloved John Player & believe me he was Special !!!!! I'm 6 months on and now wondering why I ever needed John Player because now I realise that I'm far too special to Chuck my life away for those nasty white sticks.Think I'm allowed a,happy dance today I'm 6 months free HOORAH!! Happy Sunday all Hugs,Helen x

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  • Well done YSD.You have as many dances as you like.Very well DONE :) :) :). Xx

    I know when I get to 6 months I'm treating myself to a meal out with the misses....on the menu chateaubriand,now that's worth keeping Nic free lol

    Again VERY VERY WELL DONE xxx speak soon Nick

  • Well done Helen I cant believe its 6 months . :) :)

  • Thank you both,

    I can't believe it either and in fact hubby reminded me as he had the 6 months and a year anniversaries set on his Nexus so it 'Bing bonged' to remind him that it was something special.It's gone by so quickly work ALL of it's ups and downs.I honestly would n' t have got here without this site,remember that Nick and just shout if you need help.Well done on your 4 weeks,awesome effort.H x

  • HERE HERE Helen, Great support on this site, :-)

  • Aw Helen

    A massive well done to you, I'm doing a happy dance for you as we speak. Here's to the next six months xxx

  • Hey Beth, am the same as you gal, only wizzing around on my computer chair, weeeeeee, crash, bang wholoppppp erm, perhaps its not a good idea for an old boy like me to wiz about eh :o :D :D

  • As ever Beth my treasure you are indeed a Superstar. X

  • H, its you, that's the SUPERSTAR gal :) 6 Months quit is just something else gal, especially with a hubby like your's :P :D :D :D

    Ermmmmm, I think its time I wasn't here :o Beth, I need a hiding place gal, and flippin quick !!

  • a fantastic well done to you. keep dancing you really are a superstar!!! 6 months wowwwwwww

  • Tooooooo flippin rite she is Jules :) :)

    Just wandering if you've got a hiding place for me :o

  • Brilliant Helen, glad you got this far. I can't believe that's 6 months gone already. It feels so long at the time but amazing how quick you get there. :)

  • Woweeeee!!!!!! Well done helen!!! What an awesome milestone :) keep on dancing :D

  • Haha Pete you do make me laugh, how has day seven been for you? X

  • As ever the messages flood in and it just sssssooooo makes my heart glad.THANK YOU ALL.Pete the hiding place didn't work coz I can bloomin well c u from here. Be your turn next flower,Stay Strong and get non that flipping rowing machine of yours!!! I've just eaten the hughest bit of carrot cake you have EVER seen in your life (bought it at the farmers market this a.m.Hubby had Chocolate) & now I feel quite sick : ) It was really lovely tho.Hugs to all. Helen x

  • How comes H, all you flippin Ladies on here always find me :o I thought I had a gooooood hiding place behind that lamppost :o :D :D

  • Pete you know the saying 'You can run but you can't hide' us ladies on here all know ALL of your hiding places!! Loves ya Pete x

  • What a star you are Helen well done 6 months wow! Doing a little dance around the kitchen and singing she done it she done it she done it hubby things I have gone mad seriously well doe. Helen x

  • Pops dancing shoes on briefly, and joins in the happy dance. Well done honey so proud of you xxxx

  • I MISS you such a lot but know you have bigger fish to fry at the moment.HUGS n HUGS always Helen x

  • Helen, Helen, Helen, we are all so very proud of you and knew you would do it :-)

    Your 6 month winners badge looks lovely!


  • EmJay (((((WOOT WOOT )))))) my 6 month badge which will be worn with the pride it sssssooooo deserves.THANK YOU for that,I KNOW it's sad but it really means as lot to get it. HUGS to you & thanks for all the hard work you do to keep us,all on the straight & narrow.Hel x

  • Congratulations Helen really proud of you x

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