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Day 2

Hi everyone I failed last time but decided to do it again and this time I will quit, I using patches this time as col turkey didn't work and the champix worked well but made me feel sick every morning after taking a tablet, this time I going to use this site to post everyday if possible, and keep reading peoples posts,

Looking forward to waking up to day 3 :)

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Hi prestige, this is great news!!

I am very very happy for you that you have the will to stop.

I m really hoping that with the patch you will finally free yourself of this addiction :)

We are all here to help you at any moment of the day!

Now remember, where there is will there's always a way :)

Take care xx


Hi prestige and a big warm welcome to quit support😊 just think of your past attempts as trial runs and this is now your time to shine. you can do it and we're here to help you every step of the way. Stay focused on your quit and shout if ya need help as there's always someone around. You can do it and our mantra is NOPE which is not one puff ever. So it's NOPE all the way👍😊x


Hi Prestige, it's great that you've made such a determined decision to quit :) you can nail this and it will feel great to be smoke free!! Enjoy day 3 of being a non-smoker :D x

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Congratulations on not giving up on quitting :) :) This time it is your time to shine :) :) We have a lot of recent members early in their quit journey so you have a few to lean on :) :) Come join us as often as you need :) :)

We are all here to help you any way we can..All the very best of luck :) :)

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Morning Prestige, and huge congratulations on 2 fantastic days quit! Lots of strength and good wishes coming your way from us for day 3 ! You can do this, and we're with you all the way :)

Have a great smoke free day :)

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Brilliant news Prestige!

I have been using NRT and moved to gum now.

I decided I want to concentrate on disassociating myself from the physical process of lighting up.

Patches and gum have certainly worked for me. I miss smoking but have no desire to light up after nearly 5 months.

Try different types of NRT to get rid of those cravings. As time goes on actually lighting up seems to get more and more alien.



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