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Feeling Elated !!!!!!

lanemorph3 YEAR WINNER

Got my cholesterol results back from the Drs and it is now ... 2.3. To say i am delighted is an understatement. I know i adhered to the diet for 6 months, but it paid off. Funny thing is, i don't want the foods i gave up. To celebrate, i bought a new pair of walking shoes and with the sun out, i shall test them out today. Feeling fitter and, healthier than ever, without the cigs and fatty foods. It's hard to give up anything in the beginning but, once you get over the hurdles, the feeling of accomplishment is worth it.

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Thats absolutely brilliant Lanemorph BIG well done. I know in my case it`s more eating out of boredom, but I have now changed my eating habits and like you say you do feel better for it. :) :)

Wow Lanemorph - you are absolutely glowing with pride - AND QUITE RIGHTLY SO!

Well done on 2 massive achievements and enjoy those walking boots, it's a beautiful day out there and you'll be walking on air!


lanemorph3 YEAR WINNER

Thank you both for your kind words. To be honest, i was frightened into doing it. When my G.P rang me in December and i said he'd scared me, he said, good. Now i think about how many lbs of butter i would have eaten, bottles of olive oil, eggs, bacon etc, i shudder.I think when i quit cigarettes, food was my crutch. I needed it to get through the initial withdrawal symptoms. It worked and anyone who does quit will gain weight but, as i was told on here, one step at a time. Aside from chicken, i only eat fresh food now.The one thing i wont give up is coffee. I'm still on 6 bags of beans a month. x

I'm exactly the same so THANK YOU for your post which gives me hope.I've used food as a crutch despite saying I wasn't going to.I'm now cutting out bad things introducing good things and exercising.I know I'll get to where I need to be.Sadly,like you,I won't live without my coffee and my bean to cup machine (just love it to bits!!) 4 bags of beans a month for us.WELL DONE Lanemorph,you are indeed a superstar.

lanemorph3 YEAR WINNER in reply to yellowsnowdrop

LOL Thanks YS. Take it easy on the exercise. Remember,tortoises live for years and they don't rush about. I like walking and when you have great scenery its enjoyable unlike boring, costly, strenuous gym classes.We shall encourage each other.x


Aup Laneyyyyy, its lovely to see you gal, and what gooooood news tooooooo :) not only have you beat mr nic, but also beat mr ermmmmm, tummy too :) Hat off, bow down to you and, just for you, a little bum wiggle dance too :o :D :D

Hey, it was Al that put me up to this errrrr bum wiggling thing, sorry if it didnt work out right, cos am still practising seee, havnt quite got the swing of it yet :o :D :D

Just looooooove the tortoise bit :D :D :D What is it they say, '' Rome wasnt built in a day '' :D :D

You take care now gal, and see ya soon eh :) :)

lanemorph3 YEAR WINNER in reply to monky

You are so funny Pete. They should bottle you as a tonic. Thanks for your comments and by the way, when i was in Rome, the buildings were still only half done.

Keep up with the humour, it goes down a treat. Better than a cake x

PEEEEEEEETTTTTT.There you are,I knew there was something missing from.here,it was you.Are your nights over now? Hope so.Glad to see you back.H x

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