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New here hello all :-)

Hi I decided to quit smoking new years eve and im still not smoking, struggling a bit but determined, got a chesty cough tho and feeling like something is missing, got cravings still but so far managed to keep them at bay. found i no longer like certain foods so i guess my taste buds are coming back to normal, :-)

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Hi Karynd67, Welcome to quit support, and well done on deciding to quit.Your chesty cough is probably a good sign as it means your lungs are clearing themselves of all the rubbish from cigarettes. Emjay will be on to give advice so if you need anything just shout. Oh yes Emjay will put you on the wall of winners . Lovely to hear from you. :)


Aup Karynd, as Jillygirl has said, a big warm welcome to this lovely quit site :) :)

You quit new years eve, soooooo, to my reckoning, your very nearly 1 whole Month quit now, that is just ACE :) :) When our lovely Emjay wakes up, cos she likes a nodd on a Sunday, she will add you to the wall of winners and when you reach a Month quit, she will give you a badge :) Emjay is our quit support adviser :) if we cant help you, she can :)

I think we all get an ermmm, empty feeling when we first quit, same with the cough, but if the cough gets worse, maybe go see your GP, just to be on the safe side eh :)

I've reposted a breathing exercise which may help, see ya soon, Pete :)


thank you for the lovely warm welcomes :-) I had very good reason to quit as i have had to foster my three grandchildren so need to be fit and well for their sakes. I also had a chest infection and fought it off and took that as a warning sign time to quit. After a week or so i felt great and chest cleared up and all was good, but i think my chest feels a tad tight and very chesty again. will get it checked out just in case, anyway the names karen and thank you again for the welcome :-)


Hi again Karen, ermmmmm, how do I put this :o you say you feel chesty again, am just wondering if you cough up any phlegm at all ? I know it sounds horrible, but I think we all suffer from this in the early stages of our quit, its just our lungs getting rid of all that erm, crud that smoking leaves behind.

Hey Karen, good luck with your new family :) :)


hiyas yes its phlegm and it deff chest clearing, but think the old infection is creeping back as well, so will go get a check in the morning :-)


Welcome to the gang Karen and huge congrats on your brilliant quit.Get your chest checked just in case you need antibiotics but it looks like most people have chest problems in the very early days of a quit.You absolutely have done the worst bit (the first couple of weeks IMHO are just awful)and just need to stay strong and you have this nicotine thing beat.Very glad you've joined us and just shout out if you need help.H


Hi Karen

Well done you for giving up the smokes, proud of you, I cant help on the chest thing, so I will leave that to the experts, but just wanted to say hi really, I am quiet new to the site myself.

Ooh fostering your grand children will keep you busy, and hopefully just the driving force you need to stay strong.

Fingers crossed you get your cough sorted quickly

Al x


Hey Karen. Hope everything goes ok at the docs getting checked out today. Xx


Hi Karen, welcome to our happy place :-)

Congratulations on making it the best way through January, as Pete (Monky) says you're almost at your 1 month mark and that Winners Badge ill soon be sat right next to your name ;-)

It is common to get a number of different coughs during the early days of stopping smoking, dry tickly, chesty etc but if it lasts longer than a couple of weeks then as YellowSnowdrop says, it may be worth making an appointment to see your GP just in case you do need antibiotics :-)

The taste buds returning back to normal and being able to do their normal duties are usually the first sign that your body is recovering, so this is a good sign.

I'll pop your name up now on our Wall of Winners and shall look forward to giving you that Winners Badge in the very near future ;-)

If there is anything we can do to help, give us a shout :-)


Hiyas, well i did have a chest infection and needed antibiotic etc, all is good and still going strong, not coughing so much now and found i have gone off certain foods, cant stand butter any more lol so strange for me. thank you all for your kind comments and support :-)


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