Feeling more rested :-)

When I smoke I wake up during the night for a fag. I also wake up at silly o clock and jump out of bed in anticipation of my first fag and coffee. During the last week admittedly I am wearing patches but I have been sleeping until 8am. I will have to start setting my alarm after twenty years of waking up naturally. When I have stopped in the past I have laid in bed in a morning feeling totally depressed and like there is no reason to get out of bed. This is what nicotine does to us. I realise this time that it is normal to not want to get out of bed and all of us who smoke and jump out of bed at 5.00 for a drag are the abnormal ones. I think I am feeling very positive about stopping this time which can only be a good sign. I don't think I have ever been in the right frame of mind before and always felt that I was making a huge sacrifice. The added bonus for me is that I will save over Β£200 a month and will get to spend more time at home with my precious daughters and my little jack Russell will get many more walks. Reading these posts are really encouraging and it makes me realise how many people are trying to give it up. Thank you everyone you are all so inspiring.

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  • So glad you're sleeping better wendy and its great to see your positive attitude shining through. Nearly your 1st week done now and ya should be very proud of how well you're doingπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜Š

  • Congratulations on your first week ...Sounds like you are off to a really good start!

  • that is awesome Wendy..So glad you are sleeping well:) :)

    Having that positive frame of mind will really help you win the battle :) :)

    You are doing brilliantly


  • Hi Wendy, its great to hear your now sleeping better :) and just loving your positive attitude :) :) Am soooooo PROUD of ya :) :)

    Yes, you'll be surprised at how much extra time you have now you dont smoke :) and just think what you can spend that extra Β£200 a month on eh :) :)

    You keep focused and positive now and remember NOPE :)

  • Happy to see you in a great frame of mind. :-) You're crossing the one week milestone, yay!

  • The first week is always the hardest, so WELL DONE!!! Keep it up, it may get worse before it gets better. I've 15 weeks done and I can no longer remember the tough times. It is SOOO worth it, I've noticed that I'm smiling for no reason these days (maybe it's new found freedom)!!

  • Oh I can't wait :-)

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