My abstract rainbow

My abstract rainbow

Hope you guys don't mind me making a whole post about my painting. This was commissioned by the NHS for the waiting room of a mental health centre. Hopefully is can bring at least a smile to someone with depression, or can give a moment of calm to someone in the grips of hypo mania

I'm not completely happy with it but then again I never am.

Oh and 4 weeks today *does a happy dance*

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  • And thanks Melody for my 4 weeks winner badge! I'm really chuffed

  • Ohhh Rainbow, i LOVE IT! has a feel of Kandinsky about it :)

    I bet it cheers lots of people up hun, i wish i was talented :(


  • Also gives a sense of light at the end of the tunnel.....i like that most of all :) x

  • Thank you! It means a lot that you got it.

    And Kandinsky is a major influence of mine. I had his work on my wall as a teenager instead of Take That

  • As a teenager you clearly had good taste :)

    I love art so much, always have, even to the point where i was an area for a company that distributed it. BEST JOB EVER :)

  • I'm lucky that I'm at a stage where I can spent my day doing art and crafts. Would love a regular income from it though.

  • Hmmmmm tell you what set up an ETSY shop and get your stuff on there and it will sell!

    I own a couple of pieces of "real" art, and i love them, and my partner bought me a water colour of my favourite place in the world in the lake district for christmas, not usually a watercolour/scenery kinda gal, but its lovely and reminds me of home :) Someone was making bracelets yesterday I think it was, but I did'nt know what they where, was it you? x

  • ETSY Que???? What is this? Sounds interesting?

  • Etsy is an amazing online shop where artists and crafters sell their work. Well worth a look

  • It wasn't me, it was the lovely yellowsnowdrop. She was doing macrame, which is tying knots to make different patterns. Amazingly skilled.

    I did look at etsy for selling my felted bags. So far I've done them for presents or for order by the family but I never have the courage to try sell them.

  • Oh you should def try and sell them, maybe i am just a hippie at heart but i would love a felt bag, so surely more like me out there? plus your paintings are awesome, my friend opened up "adore button bouquets" on etsy, she seems to advertise through facebook alot, but she has made enough from them to only work part time now! They are beautiful, i will be having one at my wedding for sure. :)

    OOOHHHH yellowsnowdrop sounds talented too....hmmmm i am such a let down lol x

  • Great stuff, so very cheerful :)

  • Ellie, you are so gifted - This really is so beautiful.

    I read rainy day smiles and happiness from it and that we all have a rainbow inside of us.... I I think we should all show our rainbows off :D

    A very talented young lady indeedy ;-)

  • Who ME talented....... Don't think so honestly.Those felted bags would definitely sell do you have any craft fairs near you ? I used to do a Sunday market selling my jewellery but gave it up.

    I absolutely LOVE the rainbow & having had depression a long time ago just know it would bring comfort to lots of people.

  • Absolutely LOVE the rainbow, you are one talented girl I think.I'm pretty sure those felted bags would sell on Etsy, give it a go.x Helen

  • Thank you.

    I have the annoying heap of self doubt holding me back from doing it though.

  • LOVE the rainbow just amazing, you are one talented girl.If I was depressed it would make me smile for sure.H x

  • Hiya that's lovely reminds me of an Aura am nt really an abstract art type if person but I do Like tht am more yr Lake District scenery kinda of person I wish I cd paint but I only knit crotchet n sew have knitted baby things but I give them away never sed to be enough time in the day to knit but as someone who suffers bipolar yr painting has been very uplifting this morning thank you for sharing it much appreciated x

  • This is lovely and will be so appreciated by the service users, it gives hope, well done you x

  • Oh it lovely, really beautiful, makes me smile and feel peaceful all at the same time. WOO HOO keep on dancing clever girl!

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