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Daily chat Sunday 8th December 2013

Daily chat Sunday 8th December 2013

Good afternoon everybody :)

I hope you are all ok and enjoying the weekend, smokefree of course :) I'm having a lazy day today, cos am an old boy now :o :)

For those of you who are about to quit, I think being prepared for it, is very important !! This is one way I got prepared for it, I wrote them down on a piece of paper and stuffed it in my pocket, to read when I got them cravings !!

Why I want to smoke !!

1)They help me when I get stressed out. ( Although this might just be psychological )

2)They help me think. ( here again this might just be psychological )

3)It’s easier than quitting.

4)Simply enjoy it

Why I want to quit smoking !!

1)Breathe easier.

2)Coughing and spluttering.

3)Walk up stairs without getting out of breath.

4)Whiter teeth

5)Healthier gums

6)Breath not smelling of fags

7)Clothes not smelling of fags

8)Better complexion. ( Smooth skin, More colour, Less wrinkles )

9)Better circulation in my hands and feet

10)Better health all round

11)Have money to spend on what I WANT TO ( Not having to put money aside for fags )

12)Getting my taste back

13)Not having a Furry tongue

14)Getting my sense of smell back

15)No standing outside in the cold and wet

16)Not having to think if I have enough fags to last me the day

17)No yellow fingers

18)Not having to carry a pack of fags and a lighter around with me

This is how I got ready and focused for my quit date, I am sure that you could come up with some more of your own reasons, either for or against smoking, so get thinking and let me know, then I can put them on the list eh :)

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I will bid you all a lovely stress free nights sleep, try to enjoy it :) just think of it as charging your batteries up, ready for what ever tomorrow may bring eh :)

Hey, but you must remember to shut your eye's tooooooo :o :D

A big wide spread of huggs heading your way, sweet dreams now :) xxxxx


Monky, that list is identical to mine. Guess great minds think alike ha, ha, Keep well


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