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How much money do you think smoking cost you ??

Our lovely Emjay posted this erm, lets just say a while ago eh :o :)

I think it just might jog your memory on how much it costs you to smoke, or, would have cost you :) What could you spend all that money on ?

A new dress

A new suit

New shoes


New handbag

Go for a meal

A holiday

Pay off bills

The list is endless :) :)

Posted by EmJay ROY CASTLE

3 Oct 2012

Do you actually know how much you spend on your smoking habit? Even better, if you have already stopped smoking, have you noticed all those pennies turning into pounds?

Have a look at the following cost calculator and see which way it works out for you;

Based on 20 cigarettes costing £7.00


£3.50 a day

£24.50 a week

£106.16 a month

£1,274 a year


£7.00 a day

£49.00 a week

£212.33 a month

£2,548 a year


£10.50 a day

£73.50 a week

£318.49 a month

£3,822 a year


£14.00 a day

£98.00 a week

£424.66 a month

£5,096 a year

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Apparently (according to my app) i have saved just short of £1700 in the 33 weeks i've not been smoking

I think i may have been robbed cos i don't have it! Lol

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Hi ya Zetters, 33 flippin weeks, thats just ace :) :) You know what, I cant fault you one little bit, well, not yet anyway :o :D :D

I've been quit for 11 weeks now and have saved £1078 but my pocket is empty :o mind you saying that, I might have bought some odd bits and bobs for myself along the way eh :| :D :D

Hey Zetters, you flippin stick to your guns ok :) WE can beat Mr nic, cant we :) :)

Speak soon, Pete :)


Thanks Monky - very well done in tge 11 weeks :0) i still fancy one on occasion, but other than one drag have not succumbed - no one is more surprised than i!

I too have lots of new things lurking, just no actual cash! Do have a new ipad tho'! Lol

Keepup the good work x


I'm now on a 20 a day cake addiction. That's what my money is going on lol....

Now where's diet forum at? :-)

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