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Stoptober - 5 day countdown

Hi Everyone,

I was checking my Twitter news feed today and was heartened by how many people are talking about having received their Stoptober packs and their excitement at preparing to make this the time they quit for good.

I was in one of our local support groups yesterday and a lady came in to see us because she had been excited by the buzz from the campaign, she had tried to stop smoking in the past and felt that this would be her next big chance because ‘everyone, everywhere is talking about it, it will be fun to be involved and quit for good this time.’

I think one of the good things about Stoptober is its positivity. It strikes a chord with people who maybe have tried before but didn’t make it and gives them the confidence to have another go. No one says it is easy to stop smoking but sometimes people can convince themselves its going to be so hard that they don’t even muster up the confidence to have a go.

There is nowhere better to believe and understand stopping smoking is ‘do-able’ than on this forum. Everyone on here understands the reality of the pitfalls, and ecstasy of being smokefree; how it breaks the chains of addiction and you are free to fly (literally) without worrying about when you can have that next cigarette.

So go on everyone…..get behind the Stoptober campaign……you CAN do it.

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I think that most people thrive in a supportive environment and the thought that they are not facing this daunting journey alone, and that's what Stoptober provides, support, which I believe is the key to a successful quit.I truly hope that all of the Stoptobers keep to their quit and realise the absolute joy of not wondering when you can have your next cigarette.I've worked out that in a year of stopping I can save £1,300, that's enough for a holiday abroad, much better than a cigarette.!!!!


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