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Daily Chat/ Wednesday./04/09/2013

Daily Chat/ Wednesday./04/09/2013

Good Morning, First of all sorry I missed the evening shift yesterday. I got a migraine so went to bed early. Still a bit head achey this morning. however like the piccy have a cuppa and I will be fine.

At least I don't have a smokey atmosphere to help keep the headache. Lovely to be smoke free. I hope you all stay positive and enjoy your day. xx :)

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Good morning all & Jilly ... what a beautiful picture this morning - real knockout !!

See we have a few more V.I.P. guests at the start of their quit, can I wish you "BEST OF LUCK" & "GO FOR IT"....

the hours soon turn into days if you can get through those cravings, watch them come and go, try and do something, anything to take your mind off the cravings, AND BE POSITIVE you are getting away from a killer addiction & smoking is NOT that pleasant for everyone else !!!! (funny that!!).

Have a Great Smoke Free day everyone.



Non Smoker

Day: 37 days + 20 days before that 1 day relapse



Good morning Jilly, Jonathan and everyone.

Jilly, I'm not surprised you've had a migraine with all the stress of decorating just lately. Make the most of the last couple of nice days before the weather breaks - unfortunately, just in time for your hols. :( I'm still sun chasing for mine but am expecting end of summer storms whilst there. :o

Jonathan, those days and weeks are really rolling along now, you're doing so well since your blip. Keep up the good work. :)

Everyone else out there struggling, have a trawl through some of the old blogs and hints and tips for help with starting and staying quit.

My coffee's calling, see you later. :)


Good Morning JillyGirl,

you take care of yourself and make sure you are topping yourself up with plenty of fluids. I am about for pretty much most of the day now so shall keep popping my head around the door in case anybody pops in :-)

Jonathan, you are certainly becoming a lot more experienced in this stopping smoking journey. Think about what you can learn from each day that passes. Focussing on the positive and learning from what might have been the more challenging times for you. Remember to keep practising breathing exercises, that way you can just pull them out of the bag when you need them and won't have t think twice about how to do them properly :-)

Andi, I'll join you for that coffee... but mine will be a cup of tea. Shall pop the kettle on :-)


Hi Emjay

Thanks for your continued support and this website has been great with so much comment & positive feedback. I am so glad to be on this journey and now enjoy being a non smoker - it is soooo much flippin better than dragging on cigs all the time and feeling rubbish.

Great to see more of us giving Mr Nic a good kicking - STAY QUIT it is miles better.




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