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Daily Chat: Tuesday 13th August 2013

Daily Chat: Tuesday 13th August 2013

Good Morning Everybody and Happy Chooseday!

Today is a day that may bring you many choices. Think about each choice you have to make, you never know where your choice may lead you. Depending on your outlook, will depend on how making your choice will leave you feeling. So, why not make a start now by choosing to look on the bright side?! :D :D

May I also choose this opportunity to send out a huge fan fare to our Pete who has made it to 10 weeks today of being smokefree :D :D


Big waves to everyone else :D

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Hi Emjay, sorry I just noticed your post , think we did them together. like I saidv gremlins were here today. :)


Aup Emjay :) :) Thank you so much for the fan fare :) just looooove the pic tooooo :D :D :D

As for chooseday, at the moment I am well up there with forward thoughts & habits, thanks to you and all these lovely people on this site :) :)

Hmmmm It looks like you got the gremlins today too :o cos I had em last night ( just couldnt catch em, the little so & so's them :| If their out tonight, I am prepared :) -------->>>>>>>>> :D :D


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