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DAILY CHAT/ MONDAY/ 12/08/2013

DAILY CHAT/  MONDAY/ 12/08/2013

Good morning everyone. Well its sun and showers today, already seen 3 rainbows.

Manic Monday started at 5.30am. Big ugly spider over my head this morning , so early to rise. :D


Called my daughter before she set off to Hull for the hospital. She may be a Mum etc, but she is still my little girl. :)

Other daughter arrived with my granddaughter. Not happy running late for work. alarm didn't go off.


Her hubby already at the hospital awaiting his operation.


My hubby gone of to dentist his filling just fell out.

bestclipartblog.com/clipart... Argh! what a family.

Anyway now its time for a cuppa and some biscuits for my granddaughter and myself. Now as she said we can have peace and quiet. :)

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Positive thoughts heading your way, sounds like you're gonna need them. Hope everything turns out ok for you're family today.


Thanks sinfree, I hope you are ok. :) xx


Good Morning All,

Wowser, what a start to your day JillyGirl! That was a rather large money spider, imagine the size of the money tree it must have fell out off :D :D Bestest of wishes for your Nurse-Sarah and also your Son in-law, oh and Mr JillyGirl's fillingless peggytooth too!

Hey Sin, I hope your day has started off the right way round and it has lots of nice things in store for you :-)

Kettle is now on and a fresh cuppa is about to be made. Lets get this smokefree week on the go :D :D


Just nipped in to say thank you for all your support today. Daughter has just come out from the op and is ok.

Son in law didn't have an operation as he actually passed his kidney stone this morning. So at the moment he is ok. Dentist seeing hubby tomorrow. Spider put outdoors. Right, now got to return my granddaughter., go feed a rabbit. check on the budgie. I think that's all my duties for today. :)


Good to hear that all has gone well :D

I popped a post here earlier this afternoon and it seems to have disappeared!!

I was looking through the Wall of Winners before and need to update it a bit. I notice that our Pete is 10 weeks quit tomorrow :D :D Shall have to send him some Agnes and Gertie eggs for doing so well :D :D

I hope everyone's evening has started out well :-)


good evening all, Your right Pete deserves a special pressie of eggs . 10 weeks is brilliant.

I have lost track on who has done what. So it will be good to see an updated wall of winners.

Quiet tonight must be this summer night thing. Ah! I know everyone is camping out waiting for the meteor showers. ok now where did I pack the binoculars. catch up later :)


what summer night? It's dark already :( and distinctly chilly. Then we've got cheery old Long Lost Family on ITV. Sheesh good job I'm listening to Such a good feeling - 90's House and dance anthems. Glad everything turned out OK with your daughter and that's good news about your son-in-law. Umm I'm taking it the two are not married to each other and that you have two daughters? Or were they both due to be in hospital today.


Good nite everybody, I hope you all have a lovely nights sleep :) :)

Jillygirl, am so so glad that your Daughter Sarah and son-in-law are both ok :) and hubby will get sorted tomorrow :o :|

I'm so glad you chucked the spider out and didnt stomp on it gal :) by the way, our spiders down here are twice the flippin size of that one, especially the mummy spiders :o :| You take care gal :)

Emjay, may I say your looking as pretty as ever gal :) that new eye shadow works wonders for you :| ;) As for your Agnes & Gertie giving me some eggs, I would love some, cos I'm off work Wed,Thurs & Friday, and I am going to celebrate my 10 weeks quit with a full English breakfast Wednesday morning :) :) I hope your keeping well Emjay :)

Aup Sinfree, hmmmm, your rite gal, the nights are drawing in now, and fast too :o I hope your keeping well toooo. Hey Sinfree have you got something in your eye gal :o cos am a first aider, so I will get it out for you, hmmm just cant get my hoover working though, erm cos am sure thats what they said to do :o :D :D

Hope to speak soon :) :)


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