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Four Months - WOW!

Just checked the calendar and its about 4 months since I last had a puff - and it has got easier - for all the newer members well done for joining the site. It has sometimes been the deciding factor not to have a fag, as I would have had to start all over again. For all the longer standing members - update on the health saga. I am getting a little nearer to getting some treatment. Yet another test to endure on Tuesday (ultrasound bronchoscopy) then it is the oncologist the following week. I am getting so fed up of the waiting - precious time is being lost, but I can't do anything about it. However, whatever the time scale, I'm in an ok place with it all, and am enjoying the summer evenings. Took me back to my childhood when we hot long hot summers with plenty of thunderstorms that cleared the air! ;)

I am going away for a couple of days to a retreat, with a friend. A Benedictine Monastery no less!! Never been to anything like that - so it should be interesting. We decided to go before I start any chemotherapy so . . . . roll on the 15th for an interesting couple of days!! :D

Well, I'm off to my pit now - and hopefully some sleep :)

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Hi Vee, Lovely to hear from you. It seems to take forever before they come to a decision on treatment Anyway you have a lovely couple of days rest . you deserve them. Once you know what chemo your having, it might be worth a look at healthunlocked Roy castle lung foundation site. plenty of help on there. . take care. xxxxx


Aup Veeeee, its lovely to see you gal :) I hope you had a lovely nights sleep :)

I admire you Vee, for staying quit for 4 months now and with all your troubles, not sure whether I could do that or not :o

Have a lovely couple of days if I dont see you before you go, like Jillygirl says, you deserve them gal :) :)

Speak soon, Pete :) xxx


Hiya Vee, 4 months is just brilliant. :) You're doing so well considering. I'm sure it makes your life much simpler, in a way, not having to think about how/when you're going to manage your next fix. :)

I'm sure your retreat will do you a load of good, and your friend too. Enjoy it when you go.

Big hugs, Andi :) xxx


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