Grrr, so how do you post a comment?

Ok, come on then, how do I post a reply to the daily chat. Every time I write a comment it starts chatting on about titles must be between 1 and 140 characters long and refuses to post my comment. I don't need a title I just want to post a comment. Tsk. Anyone else having this problem?? Heelppp?? This is making me want a ciggie.

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  • Hi Sinfree, Sorry your having problems, I don't know how this is happening, when i click on add you response i just get the box to type in, like i'm doing now. I wish i could help you, you might have to ask hu about this, unless anyone else knows.

    I know how frustrating this can be, i was about pulling my hair out yesterday trying to get on here and stay on, I ended up having to do the breathing exercises cause it was either have a ciggie or throw my laptop out the window, thankfully i did neither. I really hope someone can help you with this soon, just sorry that I couldn't.

  • It won't let me talk to you Sue :( I'm going off now, will come back later. It seems it doesn't like it if I say too much :D

  • Yaye, that posted :D :D

    It sounds like it's doing what it did to me yesterday, I ended up waiting till today, I got too annoyed, maybe i was talking too much as well :D

  • Hi Sin, think we all having problems. Are ou trying to put a comment in the response box?

    or are you trying to create a post. I found the create a post the awkward one.

    Good luck. :)

  • Having exactly the same problem..... keeps asking for title etc.

    Bet it works now....

  • haha, yes it did work. Bet mine doesn't tho :)

  • Yes it did !!

    But I had something important to say on my other message which has now been lost I think .. never mind - all part of the training for life without cancer sticks


  • mmm, well I've just tried replying to Sue and got the same result, refuses to post.

  • That was supposed to be a reply to Jonathan. OMG, am going. Will come back later and try again

  • Thought I just wrote a fair sized post, but now keep getting me, my cat pic, and the screen to report it??!

  • Hello!

    So glad to get here! (If this posts, by the sound of it). I have been on an unexpected trip to the Anxiety'site. People were very helpful. One poor person on there found themselves here too, and responded. He/she has been looking for the obesity site for 3 days, wherehe/she is a member :) :) :)

  • Hi Betts, I'm glad you made it here, we've all had fun and games trying to get on here and stay on :)

  • Hi Sinfree :)

    I dont seem to be having any trouble posting gal :) ermmm it is Monday, maybe its just one of your off days eh :o :P :D :D

    Hey, if I cant have a flippin ciggie, then you aint, got it :| otherwise, I'l be round to you place to give you a right good sortin gal, ok hmmmm not sure what sort of sortin I will give ya, you'l just have to wait and find out, but a will :o :) :)

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