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Well Well Well!!

What the dickens has happened to the website? Very strange indeed - see . . . . . can't leave you all for 5 mins and look what happens!!!

Hi everyone - thought I had put a post on here and it didn't go on!! What a lovely day it has been today. After another week of the health trauma, a couple of dear friends took me out for a meal and a trundle round a lovely little village. Totally chilled and going to bed shortly with a smile on my face, having reunited a 16 yr old cat I spotted in my garden with its owners. It had been missing for 3 weeks and they had given up hope even after putting out flyers about it having disappeared. What a lovely sight seeing owner and cat together again!!

Nothing much to report on the health saga - still waiting for results from the bronchoscopy - and expecting a phone call on Thursday for the next round of events. The scan results weren't good, so now its down to the biopsy thingy. However - I am proud to say that I am not smoking and am now on my 15th week tomorrow. The hardest times are in the beginning and I can now say it is getting easier. Though I still think they smell good when I'm near someone smoking. Not sure if that will ever leave me - and it is still my motto not to take the first puff of a ciggy!!! ;)


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