One year today!

So I know I haven't been on here much but I just wanted to say that I've been smokefree for a year now, and to encourage others who are starting to quit now... Who are trying again for the millionth time... Keep going! It gets easier, and you feel better and better. I went to the pub last night and didn't even think about going out for a smoke, even when half of my friends did. It just doesn't appeal anymore. So if you are struggling, keep going, and January is almost over which in my opinion is GREAT because I hate January, so bring on the rest of 2015!!

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  • Well done and thanks for encouraging others to quit. :)

  • Aup Yoggy its great to see you and a whole Year quit now then, thats fantastic news :) :) am doing a bum wiggle dance for you gal :D

    Thankyou soooo much for coming back to us and letting us know how well your doing :) :) and as you say, it does get easier as time goes on :)

    Speak soon Yoggy and roll on Summer eh :)

  • whooflippinfandabitastichooooooo 1 whole year, that's flippin HUGE..... well done hun & thanks for the update :)

  • Massive well done, hope your gonna celebrate ? ? ☺️ X

  • Hiya yogurt weaver and massive congratulations on your 1 year quit :)

    Fantastic achievement and a major milestone so well done you :) :) x

  • Hi yoghurt weaver,

    Congratulations on your one year quit..Great accomplishment and you should be feeling very proud of your effort. Hope you are going to celebrate you anniversary :)

  • Wow that's brilliant hun well done I'm one of those who only just quit I been quit for 5 days today I find mornings the worst as I haven't had patch on through night as I'm on 16 hr patch and quick mist spray which ive found really helping with my cravings I was an emotional wreck day ones and two lol:-( x

  • Thanks everyone for your kind words, I have celebrated by going to the gym this weekend because I'm still trying to shift the weight I gained from quitting - I tell you what though I feel a damn sight healthier than I did a year ago! Plus boyfriend is away so I've had some me-time, which has been lovely! Good luck Leanne, I promise the first couple of weeks are the hardest, it DOES get easier and remember that you are doing the best possible thing for your health! And this amazing community at your fingertips always helps of course ;) All the love guys!! xxxx

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