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Competition winner !

Hola a todo el mundo.

Quick update, went to Spain (4 nights) brilliant. Won a Karaoke competition singing Tip Through The Tulips by Tiny Tim, forgot to take the bloody thong off.

Then went on a golfing weekend in Northumbria with 13 other lads. Didn't take the thong I don't know them that well.

On the smoking front still winning, everybody in Spain smokes but no problem, nearly got in trouble following a man who was smoking a cigar, lovely smell. On the golf break two others on e-cigs so it was support all round, brill.

Current savings back up to £120 already planning next trip.

Thanks to everyone for the support.

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Hey Jimigolf, well done with staying quit. There are some lovely golf courses up there in Northumberland. Where`s the next trip planned for. ?


Thanks for the reply, not sure where yet, all weather dependant, our area is supposed to improve after this weekend. (Heavy rain forecast)

Downside Wimbledon starts on Monday so normally bad weather follows ha.


Hi Jimigolf,

Well done on still being quit, that's brill, you'll have the money for your next trip in no time.


Hola Jimi, glad you enjoyed your trips - and didn't succumb. :) I bet you're glad you left the thong behind cos I don't think you'll need it in this country this year. :o


True, true, haha


Aup Jim :)

Just flippin ACE pal, cant fault you one little bit, just magic :) :)

You Enjoy :| :) :D :D


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