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How did you hear about us?

Hi Everybody,

As we're just preparing to get ready for the launch of our online stop smoking community - Quit Support, I was just wondering how you all heard about us in the first place?

We want to be able to help to support as many people as possible in their attempt to quit smoking alongside whichever method they decide to use :-)

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I was already on thyroid UK so found you through the communities directory


I was considering quitting and trawling the internet to find as much info as possible to help me do this. I think I stumbled on it via the NHS Direct site. The trouble is that apart from telling people where to go to for advice, I couldn't find out ACTUAL information to help me until I started reading the blogs etc.


Hi Emjay

My doctors had these classes where you meet other people who are quitting, but they were a couple of nights a week, so with me working shifts, i just wouldn't see them half the time, so i thought i would go surfing the net to see whats around, i think i just googled - stop smoking- or something like that. Did a bit more digging and found this site, which is great for me because like i say i work shifts. I come on here, i can find all the imfo that i need, and if not i ask you, and you let me know, i go on chat and find out how other people are dealing with quitting, and there's little tips on the blogs etc.

It's just as good or even better than if you were sitting around a table talking.

Pete. :)


hi emjay. found this site by searching for forums on quitting. sounded really good and more helpful than some of them. With this site we can ask about little niggles and someone else has usually experienced the same. Also whats more it can cheer you up aswell.


I found out about it from my stop smoking councillor and I'm so glad I did.


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