6 weeks in with a holiday looming!! help

I cant believe that i haven't had a cigarette in 6 weeks. I have been using the patches and with the support form Fagends Liverpool i am doing well.

My big worry is i am going on holiday in 2 weeks and hope that i can cope with that. Drinking and smoking always went hand and hand for me especially on holiday. 

I need to avoid the temptation any ideas peeps?

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  • This topic is a bit of a worry for me too Soozey, i have two breaks coming up within a month of my quit date. I always said "A drinks too wet without one"! remember the advert? anyway I digress, those breaks would have been my stock up for cigs, at half the price, would last me a couple of months. How do we suppress the bargain- hunter instinct???

    Will be interesting hera other,s views

  • Aup Soozey, sooooo, you havnt had a ciggy for over 6 weeks now gal :) :) a great big YIPPYYYYYYYY DIPPYYYYYYYY DOOOOOOOOO  :) :) 

    I hope your very PROUD of yourself :) NOPE allllllll the way :) 

    Yes holidays can be a worrying time for us, especially when the demon drink is involved too :o my advice Soozey is, try and not go overboard with the drink, maybe try to go into the no smoking bars :) keep this site close to you, so if you feel the urge to smoke, you come on here and YELLLLLLLL :) :)  If you have made a quit plan, then print a copy of the WHY's you want to quit and stick it up in your bedroom so you can see it and read :) keep a copy in your handbag, soooo it goes every where with you :) 

    I see your using the patches to help you, well, maybe take the higher dose patch with you, just incase eh :) 

    I'm sure our members who have done it and survived will give you more advice :) 

    Just remember Soozey, NOPE, '' Not One Puff Ever '' and you wont go far wrong gal :) :) 

  • Hi soozey , I am on holiday at the moment , I have 2 moments were I though shall I have one, but give myself a good talking to and came on site here.  I have to say when going away I always panicked that I would run out of cigs , and would probably smoke more than usual. I didn't panick and felt good that that need and fear has gone. All I can say is if the urge comes , talk to yourself and say you have come to far, which you have and done brilliantly :) try and avoid smoking places if you can. I have faith in you,  30 odd years 20 a day for me , so understand how your feeling. It's also nice to talk to people with that fear of not smelling like an ashtray, I always hated the smell. The first thing my colleuges at work noticed is I wasn't spraying perfume all the time, that hit home to me. Stay strong you can do it. X

  • Hey Soozey... Awesome quit going on👍🏻🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

    I too am going on holidays in  2 weeks... Alcohol is a big trigger for me but what I plan on doing is staying in touch with my quit family while I'm in Mexico and sharing day to day .....   We just cannot take that 1 puff= 1 pack otherwise we will have to go through withdrawal all over again grrrr

    Hope your day is going good xx🇨🇦😊

  • Thanks for the feedback guys! I am going to take my spraymist with me and use that when i have an urge!

    Hoping that will help me, i dont want to go back now when i have come this far!

  • Hi Soozy, I know I worried about my first holiday too and like you it was at the 8 weeks stage☹️ You have done brilliantly so definitely won't want to spoil it. It's going to be the most amazing feeling when you come back as a non smoker, believe me😊 No last minute puffs at the airport door and rushing to get through the terminal the other end✈️ Use your spray when ya need it and most importantly enjoy your hols🚭

    Keep doing what you're doing coz you're doing great😎

  • Worst ever panic was finding out that your flight has been delayed for three hours AFTER you have gone through security. Trapped!!! 😫

  • i am thinking blow the money i would have spent on fags to take home on a fab meal out at the best restaurant, kind of putting the cart before the horse but a much better way to spend it...

  • Every other drink have water or a soft drink.... Don't get too plastered 😊

    Tell whoever your going with that under NO circumstances do you want to smoke... Not even one puff coz it will absolutely ruin your holiday. You will regret it once your sober, you will have to go through all this again.... You will feel so much better. 

    You could find someone that smokes, wait about 10 minutes after they have smoked and then go sniff them....... They will stink to high heaven, If that doesn't put you off then nothing will 😊

    Go a non smoker and come back a non smoker.... In fact the money you save on hols by not smoking will probably pay for your next holiday 😊😊😊👍

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