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Hey, I've found a new hobby, finally I've become a homemaker. Been soooo busy this week after I found a website called flylady. I've been decluttering, polishing, dust busting, tidying, gee, I even washed my dusters and washed my table mats today and hung them out to dry in the sunshine.

I have a beautiful bedroom with a vase of fresh flowers, I've been doing my grandma duties, 15 minute walk to playgroup complete with empty pushchair (looking a right wally) and back again complete with grandson. That's a total of 1 hours walking this week.

It's a whole new me and I have the shiniest kitchen sink in town - so that's where I've disappeared to peeps, I've been working diligently all week, I even dejunked the inside of my car last Friday evening. I just hope I can keep it all up once the sunshine has disappeared.

It's stopped me from thinking about smoking, although I'm chomping on nicotine lozenges like nobodies business. One day I hope I can give them up, I really do think I'm addicted to them now. Not so sure if I can get addicted to cleaning though.

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Haha, reading this in the cold light of day I think I spent too much time on that bloody website, either that or I overdosed on cleaning product fumes. I sound like your wholesome American lady back here on the homestead, haha. Seriously though it is nice to walk into a room and have that haahh feeling rather than shutting the door and going AAAGHH.

I have my reception hat on today and am off to work to put my feet up and have a well earned rest!

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jillygirlAdministrator in reply to Hidden

You do right. well earned. :)


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haha, well laid plans and all that. Been quite busy unlike the previous two weeks. I was being a multi-tasking domestic goddess at work too. Lots of meetings = lots of brews. I cleaned up after the messy receptionist of the previous 3 days. Skanky spoons all stuck to the cup they were in, sticky sugar all over the table, no water in the drink maker, splashes of tea and coffee all down the wall next to the drinks dispenser. I whipped it all into shape whilst making drinks and answering the phone. Haahh.

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Hi Sin, I could have done with borrowing you last week. Help me sort things out for moving house. Where are you getting all your energy from?

Your doing great. At least the lozenges are helping. May be its those that are giving you energy :D

well done. xxx

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Makes you wonder what's in those lozenges doesn't it? :D I think that website has a section on it for moving house. Yes it does - here you go:


Hiya Sin, I know how you feel! It's great when you finally get in the mood to blitz the house so well done you! :)

Yesterday, I had some friends in for dinner so shoved the vacuum round and cleared up the kitchen. When I came down this morning, it felt lovely going into the clear kitchen. :) When I was hoovering the kitchen floor yesterday, whenever I went near the washing machine with it, these long legs kept poking out from underneath than shot back in again. I think it's a monster and I hate spiders - especially of the big, hairy variety. :P

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I don't mind spiders, I'll come and catch it for you.

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Hi Sin,

I could do with you as well, I' really struggling to get in the mood to do a blitz of the house, hubby's off just now though so maybe i should get him to do it :D :D

Your doing great, you'll get off the lozenges eventually :)

Enjoy your well earned rest at work :)

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That's a good idea Sue, just set the flylady website as the homepage on your hubby's computer, you never know he may take the hint, after all he'll only get bored sitting around :D I never got a rest at work, never mind the day went quick.

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sue523 YEAR WINNER in reply to Hidden

Think I'll try that, I'll let you know if it works :D

hope you've got your feet up now, you deserve a rest :)

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Well done to you Sin :D :D I've just had a (very quick) look at this site, I think I shall give my sink that good clean at the weekend :-) I like the way it talks about living in C.H.A.O.S (can't have anyone over!)

It sounds as though it has had a real impact on you that you seem to be enjoying, so you carry on being that Domestic Goddess :-)

With regards to the lozenges, how many a day are you now on? Are you noticing that you are using them more at certain parts of the day? As long as you are staying smokefree then don't worry about your use of them, its safer than smoking and we can help support you into gradually reducing the use of them until you are free of them eventually.

I'm glad that you seem to be enjoying your domestic Goddess experience, enjoy it! :-)

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Hi EmJay, aww thanks for your encouragement, I have been a bit of a misery since I stopped smoking haven't I. The lozenges are getting to be a bit of a problem as I seem to get very edgy if I haven't got one in my mouth. I had got past the stage of waking up in a morning and having a nicotine craving within a short time but it seems to have come back with a vengeance. I also got an e-cig. I don't use it a lot but whenever I do I seem to have to follow on with a lozenge, the e-cig doesn't really do anything, I don't know why I bother with it at all to be honest. I am seriously wondering what else is in the lozenges besides nicotine. They're supposed to be sugar free and yet they have a sweet taste.

Hi Sin

Great site! Would love to get my husband on t, but unfortunately it would be all chinese for him :)

Great work too on the stop smoking! Brilliant.

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Hya Betts, there's a book somewhere on Amazon for men, I remember seeing it ages ago when I was looking for some inspiration to get organised, I'll see if I can find it, you never know, you can live in hope. :)

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Hidden in reply to Betts

Here you are Betts try this:


The To-Do List by Mike Gayle

Thanks sin, just the job, he's got a birthday coming up :)

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cleopetra2 YEAR WINNER

I wasn't around yesterday but just had to add that I read your post Sin and I've joined the shiny sink brigade...laughs.

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Hya, well it's certainly got me into gear. I've been busy making everything else shiny this evening to match the kitchen sink, am worn out now. A tip that worked on my sink anyway, if it's stainless steel the best thing to get all the stains off the inside of your sink - use soap powder, comes off a treat.

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